My First Mower - Part 2

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TheTurfTender, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. TheTurfTender

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    Ok So I have this nice mower.......Now how do I use it?

    I am even having trouble starting it. I mean it starts fine, but. The guy said things to me like "I need to engage the blade a different RPMs"

    Some things I can do on my own.

    Grease it every day.

    Change the oil one a week.

    Change the air filter every .....?????

    What are some other things a new guy should do to keep the mower running for years and years.

    Another thing. The owever said I could sill register the thing if I sent in the card to Toro. Do you think that's true?

    Thanks gents.

  2. flattoplawncare

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    Yes engage the blades when the engine idle is low!! it will save your belts, As far as oil and air filter, Always check your oil before starting! and check in your manual for the times you should change both. For me when i get my first 10 hours on mine i have to change the oil.
  3. Mimowerman

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    all of that sounds great, however it means nothing ... read the owners manual and follow the instructions. I change engine oil every 100 hours.... about three weeks and I do grease daily and change the blades ... works out to be about 6-7 hours use. I know you say check the oil everyday... but on a brand new mower, unless their is a puddle underneath it,or its burning oil(unlikely) Checking oil everyday is really unnessary... now put 2000 hours on the machine, then check every few days.
  4. F Y P M

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    Owner manuals will tell you 100hrs and that could be true in certain conditions (perfect) as you know we do not work in perfect conditions. We deal with alot of heat, dirt, dust, and put alot of stress on our engines. The best recipe is clean air and oil. I change my oils at 40-50hrs and air cleaners weekly. I use full synthetic oil and original air cleaners-and oil filters. The little bit of extra money is definately worth it.

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