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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Guthrie&Co, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Well it looks like i have my first non paying client. We just started services at the first of this month. i bill on the 15th and i still havent recieved payment. Bills are due on the 30th. Whats the best way to handle this situation.

    By the way i made phone calls to all of my new clients after i billed to ensure i had everyones address correct. She got the message and told me that the address i had was correct and she had recived my bill.
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    I would be patient, it ain't the 30th yet... You give till the 30th, you gotta wait till at least the 5th of next month, and here it's still august.

    If the grass isn't too bad, you might just not cut it again until you get the money but this is the reason I like leaving the bill on the door right after I'm done cutting.

    btw, don't call her again. :D
    The first call was cool but from what she said I would say you will get your money just maybe it might push the edge a little... That much you gotta allow, lot of folk on a budget nowadays.

    Another solution and this one pushes things a bit further is IF you cut the grass again AND you send another bill AND you have by then STILL not received payment is to include this note on the bill:
    Prompt payment ensures continued service.

    And then discontinue ... That being the case, she'd getcha for 2 but there's more options at that point, still I stick with my first paragraph which says you will get paid in the next few days.
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    you shouldn't have called till after the due date passed. i believe in being firm on the due date, and this includes waiting until at least the day after due date to make contact. my call would be something like this, " hi mrs jones, it's scaby here from the lawn service. how's everything? good, good. i'm calling to make sure you recieved your bill. you did? great. i just need you to please do your best to get it back to us by the due date, we have a small business, and by the end of the month our cashflow is very tight. can you get that out to us today? great, thanks alot, i'll see you soon." this would be for a new customer. don't jump the gun. i had a new one this year, first payment was 15 days late. my first thought was to go over there like an animal and collect. i have alot of her neighbors. i stayed cool. guess what, payment #2 was late too by a few days. i made a friendly phone call, and guess what? she has since been paying her account 2 months in advance! on aug 1st, she handed me a check, to cover aug, sept, AND october. make a call on the 2nd. if she doesn't fully cooperate, cancel. if she cooperates, just explain that it's very important to honor the due dates
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    This is my approach as well. I will give them 2 days past the due date...calling before makes you look too anxious. You have to be patient.
  5. Guthrie&Co

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    well she paid me today. all is well. thanks for the guidance. it has been helpful for the future event

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