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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Revival1906, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Okay so God has smiled upon me! While organizing my shed to be more efficient with loading/unloading equipment, I literally found eight $100 bills lying in a storage cabinet the previous owner of my house left behind. Sidenote: She didn't have the decency to even completely move out! A wonderful repayment for the exterminator bill I had to pay for the mouse problem she left behind and for removing all of the other items she left behind.

    Anyway, I purchased my first piece of COMMERCIAL equipment yesterday...A STIHL FS 90R Trimmer to go with all of the homeowner equipment I mistakenly bought before I discovered this website. I also used the money to open a checking account for my business.

    Do any of you guys use this trimmer? If so, what has been your experience with it? What are your thoughts concerning STIHL equipment?

    Funny thing happened by the way. I've spent all of my money buying equipment from one particular Lowes employee. He saw me returning my Troy-bilt trimmer (I only used once) and decided to challenge me. I told him that it was not reliable enough to use for my business and that it took me 30-50 pulls to get the thing to start. He said that I just didn't know what I was doing. Yeah maybe. Anyway, he took it ouside and proceeded to tell me how easy it was to start and couldn't get the darn thing to start himself! He then told me that the brand was a piece of crap and tried to sell me a commercial trimmer instead and talked about how wonderful the Husqvar...(don't remember how to spell it) trimmer is. I told him I would do my research first and left. NO MOE LOWES...NO MOW!!
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    have that same trimmer got it used a few years ago and it has outlasted even some new trimmers also from lowes we got the biggest husqvarna chain saw they sell and took it back 3 times on the warrenty and then just made them give me my money back went to the jd dealer and bought a ms 440 stihl chain saw to go with our other saw same one

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