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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by chunkitron3030, Mar 20, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I am new to the forum, and honestly..... to the world of landscaping! I am very eager to learn as I have just been hired by a local landscaping company to take me in and show me the ropes. I showed them some of my Photoshop skills and mentioned I was somewhat proficient with Google Sketchup. The only thing is, I am far from being an artist, I can draw things from a picture, but seem to have a hard time making it look "realistic". I will try to post up some shots of recent practice drawings.

    Top view blueprint/layouts don't seem to be too bad, and look great with color. I am trying to keep everything on a computer, but some other stuff with drawing. What are some good pointers and programs and any other info I need to help get my wheels rolling? Any help would be great thanks!!!:cool2:
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    What are you trying to do? Design? Setup? Bids? Go on your own or what?? PR
  3. chunkitron3030

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    I just got hired as a Landscape Designer. The company was looking for someone "still green". Anyways, I am the guy that pretty much gives the customer some form of a visual. The other guys I work with go out and get the pictures, and help give ideas on what to do. I pretty much make it look good using either Photoshop or Sketchup right not. But I am looking to use some other types of software if they would be easier. I am currenly learning sketchup, as I am familiar with photoshop. Any ideas?

    Also, I have PC's and mac both to work with.....
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