My first really big bid.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Precision, Feb 14, 2006.

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    So I was asked to bid on a 40 acre apartment complex. 20 some odd buildings Just over 700 apartments. 28 acres of turf. Tons of line trimming 12 plus hours per visit, at least 6 hours of stick edging per visit. 1400 cars worth of parking lots needing blown

    The wanted mowing at 36 cuts per season
    hedge and ornamental trimming at 36 visits per year. 1/3 of the complex per visit

    weed control in all bed areas 600,000 square feet

    Jungle taming along the perimeter about 2200 linear feet of Florida scrub and Brazilian pepper tree

    Trimming and lifting of palms and oaks. just over 100 cabbage palms and 60+ 35 -45 foot oaks

    I put in a comprehensive bid

    I bid a fair amount over 10K per month.

    my labor cost would have been about $2880 per month (Average). 4 guys over 2 days. 64 man hours a week at net cost of about $15 an hour. not including the tree work or jungle taming (Subbed out)

    The current guy (who is doing a really crappy job) gets $3000 per month. According to the manager.

    Geeh, I wonder why he is skipping cuts and skipping trimming and the weeds get sprayed 3 times a year whether they need it or not.

    Are people that mathematically impaired?

    both the manager and the other LCO
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    I can just picture this place now sounds like a lot of work.

    But I would say your dead on for the price calculations, the amount of mowing, trimming and weeds.

    I cannot believe how much stuff people can get buy with down here poor service and all.

    I feel bad enough if I missed a spot trimming or get a poor cut due to rain.

    Although your dealing with a commercial account, and I have only one of those, I know you can get buy with more things sometimes.
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    That's because both Nicks, Southern Greens or Commercial Mowers runs 20 crews, owns their shops, in-house repairs n goes thru like 200 temps each summer .... been in business +25 years each n have very low over-head

    Also never believe what a PM tells you the present guy is getting unless you see a canceled check .... they love to price check their present cutter to justify the conditions of the place at the board meetings with out raise monthly dues on members

    Good Luck
  4. Precision

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    Hey Steve.

    The current company is Bob's Complete. Not sure if you know them, but not exactly a top tier company and getting worse.

    And I realize that her word on price is completely worthless, but if she was trying to beat me down on price, then I doubt she would say a price less than 1/3 of what I quoted.

    this place is a Reit UDRT owned. They bought it out 2.5 years ago and have the money to completely renovate the entire place gutting every apartment over the next 5 years.

    that had nothing to do with my bid. The place is huge and has lots of deferred maintenance. Not to mention 28 acres of turf, bahia. I bid on projected time and expenses.

    If you want to know the contact person and stuff to see if you want to bid on it, PM me. See what she says to you.

    But I think it is a goat rope. It was good for me, for the exercise. I have never bid one like that before, so now I feel comfortable doing it and know who to call for sub work in mulch, tree work, and the like.
  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    mmmm that's interesting .... yes I am familiar with them .... they do an apartment complex on the island I have been try too get fore years ....n too tell the truth looks sharp ....BUT they have been doing it your Years

    I only do work in the island & than commercial only in Rockledge S of Dixon to the Old Walmart .... than on Beach side S of Cape to 4st S on Cocoa Beach

    I'll PM ya .... switch address .... send me some of your cards .... I do NO resi's West of the Indian River unless it's waterfront ...n I get calls all the time in PSJ, T-town all the way to Melbourne

    Your John .... correct ??
  6. rodfather

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    is this the same job you sent me a pm about?
  7. Precision

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    Yes it is. I really can't see $3k a month. That was my projection for labor ONLY
  8. Precision

    Precision LawnSite Silver Member
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    Yup, John thats me. I will just bring some cards over on saturday for pool.

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