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My first soil test now what?


LawnSite Member
I just got my first soil test back today and I think I understand it but I just want to make sure. It provide fertilzer recommendations and ratios using Scotts and Vigoro. I've just started using Lesco (Dimension 0.10% 19-0-6; application 3 weeks ago) for the first time and don't know what I need to do next. I also have a fairly noticable broadleaf problem. I'm going to Lesco tomorrow for their recommendation but I would like your input so that they are not just trying to sell me stuff.

pH 6.42 Slightly acidic- no correction is need; do not apply limestone
Lime requirement index: 7.85

Macronutrients (pounds/acre)
Phosphorus 89 (Optimum)
Potassium 107 (Below Optimum)
Magnesium 237 (Optimum)
Calcium 1550 (Optimum)

Micronutrients (parts per million)
Zinc 3.9 (adequate)
Copper 1.8 (adequate)
Manganese 5.3 (low)
Boron 0.9 (adequate)
Iron: 175 (high)

Fertilizer Recommendatin
Fertilizer grades containing the appropriate ration (1-0-1) of nutrients may be used. Use fertilizers containing 30-60% of the nitrogen in slow-release form (Water Insoluble Nitrogen)