My first stolen piece of equipment!!!!

Blades of Steel

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Southaven, MS
Well seems to me a man can't make a living without someone stealing yourr gear. I had a BP Blower (Shindaiwa EB630 just rebuilt) stolen yesterday. It was an experience I don't care to have again. Purchased a new one about an hour later because of the work load. Anyway, I have learned when your close enough to to keep an eye on it it's still not safe.

Lock everything down or it will not be yours for long.

The thing that sucks is I had a date set (wednesday of this week) to have all of my racks and things welded onto the trailer. I guess it wasn't soon enough.


I'll post Pictures tonight of the new rack and things.


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where where you working when that happened?

Memphis or Desoto County?

Did you buy from State Line Turf?

Bartlett Small Engines has them on sale.

By the you live near Apple Creek? I think I passed your house Sunday...

I have a friend who works with me some who Lives in Apple Creek. Drives a brown Chevy with his trailer.

Call me, get my number from Eric.


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Tallahassee, FL
I've had a chain saw and a Reach Grabber stolen. Left my tool box unlocked on my F-150- someone sneaked up while I was in a back yard and stole it. My grabber was in my cage in my trailer - can't lock up everything. Wailting for my spare air tank to go next. Purchased it for 30.00 dollars two years ago. Just keep it in the bed of the truck most times. If I hop into Home Depot or Lowes I put it in the cab.



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southern Georgia
I had this happen to an emploee of the last lco I worked for he had 2 blowers stolen one monthy later he caught the guy in the act but by the time he got to the truck he was in his and took off. Police never caught the guy. Worst Part to me was the owner of the company made him pay for the blowers.


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Tulsa, Oklahoma
We had a Stihl BP Blower stolen one time, we had just got a new trailer and I was in the process of building a box on the front of it. I had it all finished but the lid!! We go out mowing, stop at a parts store in a bad part of town, and yep sure enough bye bye blower!! I heard of a guy in Tulsa that got held up at a Job and they took his entire trailer!!!!


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I do feel for you Blades. Know how I felt when my T-260 got stolen. (although your blower cost alot more)
I see it everyday, as far as worthless crack addicts running up and tring to sell something (ANYTHING)

A friend of mine bought a Shind. T-270 last summer, for 40.00. Still had wet grass on it. I never would have bought it, except to ride around and find the owner, and give it back. (if I could)
Something has got to change in the laws. Steal anything, hand gets cut off. They can't smoke Crack with only one hand.

My friend's brother (the one that had his trailer/mowers, ect. stolen last week) was always taking his things. Took him forever to get fed up......but atleast he finally did break his arm/shoulder in 2 places with a Louisville Slugger. He was way over do. (that particular crackhead [no license for many years] got 60,000.00 in a car accident, and all that money was gone, in less than 3 months. F'ing pathetic! Thieves and crackheads? Kill 'em all.


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Only thing that was ever stolen from us was a Stihl hedge trimmer last year. Was my fault. I left it in the lawn near the road when we were trimming shrubs on the outside of an apartment complex. At least it wasnt a trimmer that I liked.


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I've had a few gas cans stolen in the past two years. It was my fault, totally, but what gets me is that they didn't have any gas in them at all. That was the reason they were stiting out, I was about to go and fill them up. Oh well, I guess an empty gas can is better than no gas can.

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