my first water garden

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by pferboy, Jun 11, 2003.

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    this is the first pond i have done. it has taken me a couple weeks to build and still needs some work. all of the rock was donated so that is why it took so long to complete. still waiting on a privacy fence aroun the back, more plants and pond plants and of coarse fish.

    copy of pic1.jpg
  2. pferboy

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    copy of pic 4.jpg
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    copy of pic 11.jpg
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    copy of pic 20.jpg
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    copy of pic 21.jpg
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  7. bushwoods1

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    Nice job, Looks great :)
  8. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Is that an Aquascape Biofalls I see there?

    Looks GREAT by the way!!!!:D
  9. Green in Idaho

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    Well I am not one to blow smoke up somebady's arse, so I'll tell ya like I see it.

    It doesn't look natural!
    It looks like every other out-of-place pond with a 3'ft stack of rocks to make a falls.
    The liner is showing.
    The end of the biofalls is showing.
    The rocks do not blend naturally.
    The differen rocks do not have similar geologic character.
    Apparently there's not much bottom rock or content like most others.

    You have completed the proverbial "just like every other back yard pond" that is out of place. And Aquascape is quiet guilty of promoting UNnatural water features. They ought to feel formal or natural-- not "odd."

    And being that I like to offer solutions instead of only constructive critizism----- If someone came to me to ask about a pond in that location. I would say, "Great! It's nice right off the patio and all. Let's do a formal pool with a water fountain integrated with the red brick theme that is already there. It SHOULD look like it was a planned part of the house or the yard. OR just put in a pond and a fountain."

    A 3' waterfall sticking up out of the FLAT yard looks out of place. If they really wanted a 3' waterfall, a HUGE backdrop berm ought to go along with it and lots of background and surrounding plants.

    Bottom line is whatever the customer wants though, right?

    And I'm sure they wanted that style, just like the others do. Due to cost and not knowing the alternative choices.... "No, I'm sorry I don't put in that style just because it's cheaper, -it looks odd."

    Yes, you have done a good job following the 20 steps fo Aquascape and it could be a poster project for them. But IMO the style and feel of it are lacking.

    Does it make you feel like you are sitting next to a stream when you sit there? Or do you feel like you are sitting next to a pile of rocks with water mysterieously appearing and dropping down to a bucket?
  10. Phishook

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    ??? I agree with most all your coments except these.???
    You must not be familiar with Aquascape Designs. They do promote natural looking ponds. After all, they want them to look awsome so they sell more products.

    And yes, it is landscaped with a background to hide the undesirable.


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