My first year, and Looking to make some Connections

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    Frost Creek Landscaping,

    Hailing out of the Portland, Oregon area, I first started landscaping 5 years ago on a hardscaping crew. I enjoyed the hard work and the results were rewarding! I spoke Spanish, so I was able to get a feel for the workers situation, as well as insight into Mexican culture, but that's just a side note. I did that for two years then moved on to Interpreting, which wore me out, so now here I am taking my shot at owning my own business.

    I think those of us who have recently endeavored to start our own business ought to proud of ourselves, especially in this economy. But it has been a little rough to start, I'm netting probably only 1k per month, after getting a little extra help here and there on bigger jobs.

    I volunteered in a local Urban Forestry program, which was more or less against large sweeping lawns that can often result in excessive water and fertilizers draining into the stormwater drains. The Urban Forestry Program is actually funded by local utilities to mitigate excessive runoff. The benefits of 'the right tree in the right place' far exceeds the environmental benefits of a lawn. Carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, reduced energy needs, as well as being a part of our cultural heritage here in the Northwest, stressing the need for trees is a no-brainer! :hammerhead:

    That said, I've not invested in nor do I advertise in lawn care. I do have mowing accounts, but honestly, it seems the markets already saturated in that respect. In addition, I feel like, at least in my area, people are beginning to prefer the whole "plant Native" type of thinking. I also sell the many native understory plants available on the tree farm, namely Sword Fern, Oregon Grape, Salal, Ocean Spray. . . So I'm hoping my niche may begin to thrive over the lawn mowing niche.:confused:

    I still haven't been able to purchase a trailer without taking out a loan, which is something I don't want to do just yet. But I have a lot of power equipment: Rototiller, Push Mower, String Trimmer, Blower, Chain Saw and Hedge Trimmer.

    Anyway, I'm hoping to learn from some vets as well as alongside other newer owners. Thanks for listening, I've posted a couple of albums of my work that I remembered to photograph. Take a look if you please, friend me, message me, whatever. I'm open to sharing my experiences and input. I'm excited to be doing the work, and being a part of the community! :waving:

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