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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Big C, Feb 21, 2008.

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    haha wow, they tore you thoughts were it first of all wasn't eye catching, basically no title...start with your business name up top bold front and center, although it doesn't say anything about lawn mowing in the name...keep everything else to the point, also, i wouldn't say too much about "affordable prices" and "great and reliable work" or what ever it was, that just makes it sound like you have a cheap service with cheap equipment and you are in fact not reliable, just simple say affordable towards the end...

    "Lawn and Landscape"

    - Mowing, Weedeating, and blowing
    - No Contracts
    - Affordable rates

    Call for a free estimate!
    licensed and insured

    then you could also throw in some tacky line like "we know how to mow" or some shlt like that, ha, to put it all together better...another good point i read was those ******** color pictures of mowers will run you out of ink in a hurry, and it makes it look unprofessional, so if you do decide to put some type of picture in there maybe make it black and white...if you wanted to make it a little more eye catching highlight the "lawn and landscape" part or the word "mowing" in green ink...
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    I could barely read the first font. I one made a flyer that said. "spend time doing what you REALLY want to do this year. Why not leave the mowing to us! Show a picture of a overweight guy mowing the lawn pouring sweat in a wife beater.
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    Keep in mind that customers will be bombarded with flyers over the next couple of months and the design you have come up with isn't going to generate very much client interest.

    If you would like, I could help you design something more eye catching that would generate more client interest. I'll attach a design that I did for CoreyD last year.

    You can send me a PM if you would like my help.

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    I would expect someone that could figure out how to make $100k per year, would be more creative,

    and: easy to read fonts, keep it simple, appealing photos( landscape, or well equiped crew), sell quality instead of cheap, advertise how your company is different, instead of how its the same( mow,blow,cheap,average equipment,)

    and I'm just in the 3rd grade. I know what entices me to buy, and what doesn't. So i'd design something that would make me want to buy.
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    You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars but it is going to cost a couple of thousand dollars to put together a good marketing campaign. Find a designer you are comfortable with and have them design some material. A flyer, door hanger, display ad, web site, and business card are all necessary pieces. Then have the pieces printed and distributed by hand, newspaper inserts, networking meetings, or HOA newsletters. You don't have to do it all at once but you do have to do it. Otherwise, people will look at the flyer you put together and toss it in the garbage. Good luck.
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    If you are not worried about it, and dont care about the business because you make $100k a year, then why even waste your time with a lawn business? You must care a little or you would not have posted your flyer and ask for comments (and get offended at comments). If you are not creative, then pay someone to do it for you. Good marketing is money well spent. I could think of a lot of hobbies to do if I was not worried about your business: golf, boating, hiking, sporting events, croche, knitting, nudist colony, and you would not even have to advertise unless you decide to sell some of your oven mits you made from knitting.
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    Thats kind of what I was thinking. I wouldn't have flamed him if I was the 1st poster, but I DID decide to jump on.
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    Who in their right mind that makes $100k a year already would cut lawns for a couple bucks?


    This industry does not need another weekend warrior.
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    The flyer says nothing to me. You've copied and pasted photos of equipment. wow. Try to find a way to stand out from the competition.

    I agree with ALarsh on the above statement as well. If you make 100k a year at a full time job, can't imagine why you would be doing this. Take what knowledge you have and do work on your house. Then sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy it with your family!

    I think I've seen that flyer you posted before on here but it looks great!

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