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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Big C, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Not sure why, but my system couldn't open the document !!
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    Going back to the original reason you posted.

    I've done many sales related layouts over the years and I'm nowhere near a pro, but this is just not what your good at.
    I could go into detail about what's wrong with the layout but........

    My best advice is to put together an advertising budget of at least $1,000.00 and hire a professional to do it all for you.
    A pro will start with a logo & slogan and build from there. You can have a logo printed on several items like t-shirts, truck magnet, yard signs, trailer sign, flyers etc. etc.
    1k should buy you a designer and several materials to distribute. This will get you through the first year. You'll spend even more the next if you want to expand.
    I promise it will be the best $1,000.00 you ever spent.
    If you get even one extra customers by looking professional it will pay for itself the first season.

    As an example I budget 4k a year in advertising.

    For those of you guys that think 100k a year is a lot of money you better wake up. I remember when I thought 30k was living large.

    Good luck
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    I did not see anyone thinking that 100k is a lot of money, but the point is if you do not even care about your "business" why would you waste your time trying to run one. You might as well just put "Donations accepted" on your flyers and not even try. I don't know if I ever thought 30k was a lot of money and I even grew up poor.
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    That's the worst ad I've ever seen in my life! Apart from the obvious and the ridiculous photos, the text and pics aren't even aligned!

    I seriously doubt this guy makes 100k a year and does mowing as a hobby. I smell bull manure.
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    BIG C:
    I don't know nor will I speculate on your claim of making 100k a year, but I will give you a fair critique. Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but you only get one shot at first impressions and your advertisement is just that--your first impression. Your flyer, after I checked it out, to put it nicely, is not very good. If you can afford it as you say, I would go with a professional look as opposed to a cartoonistic or clip art design. If you don't need the money and are doing it as a productive hobby, you will l want to attract a better clientel and go for higher paying accounts in order to get the enjoyment out of it that you desire. Just my $.02 on it!
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    this thread is 4 years old. i think big c already retired and owns an island by now.

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    Ok so no one is really giving any advice for you to do it yourself so here is my shot at it. I would use some kind of stock photo for a background or a solid color (nothing to busy, leave the subject on what you are saying and not the picture). I would work with the font making your name, specialty (whatever you really want to be doing that makes you the most money per visit) & contact the most prominent. Add in other services with a different smaller font that will still show what you offer as a whole. You can do a seasonal type flyer and really hone in on things like spring cleanups, bed cleanups, tree/shrub pruning, etc. for the spring/early summer months. Make sure your font colors don't blend with your background. I think its a good start, but you don't wnat to look like you did it, make it look like you paid someone to do it. I do all of my marketing/designs and it helps save money, I can do as many proofs or printouts with different information I want. I would however (unless you have a good printer) have it printed somewhere like Kinkos or somewhere like that to make sure your colors are bright and looks professionally done.... Just my advice :)

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