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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnMowerMan2003, May 5, 2014.

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    I'm starting a new thread for this; I think the other thread was in the wrong place, and it started out as a thread on pricing. I'll try to keep posts on topic, so the information might be more useful to people.

    If anyone wants to see my flyer, I can attach the flyer as a word document. I haven't found out how to convert it to an image yet. If I do I can just insert a picture. It's definitely nothing fancy yet.

    I'm posting this because some people here say that flyers are ineffective. Now, I can't tell you they are the most efficient way to advertise. I have a suspicion they are not, since it takes so many to get a response. But they do work. If you're like me and you have a very tight budget, but you have time to pass them out, it might be a good way to get started.

    So the first day I passed out about 100 flyers in 3 different neighborhoods. This wasn't very time efficient, and I was doing more walking than passing out, because so many of the lawns looked dried up; we haven't had enough rain in my area. I took some advice from other people on Lawnsite, and changed my strategy some.

    I just picked a section of streets within 2 miles from where I live and started passing out 500. I almost finished them today. I had around half left. I passed out the other half in less than half a day, but I started doing work for other lawn services last week. So I've passed out a total of almost 600 flyers now. I know, that's not very good for over a week. Hopefully I'll do a lot more this week.

    Anyway, I've had 4 calls, and talked to one person about an estimate. So I've already had almost a 1% response rate, but I think it could be higher, because I probably passed out at around 200 of them today. Sometimes people take a few days (or longer) to call you.

    I'm not sure what my speed is up to now, but I think I can do at least 50 an hour, so maybe 400 a day, possibly more. If I keep getting at least 1% response rate, I should get 4 calls a day (average). I won't get every job, but it should be enough to get me started.
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    When I started out all I could afford to do was put out flyers. The more I did it I became faster. Such as I would pre fold my flyers while I watched tv at night. So the flyers would be easier and faster to slip them under the mail box flag.

    Though the response levels were less then 1%. I now advertise in the local paper as well.

    Be advised that by the end of May the responses to the flyers dry up. Though I would keep putting out flyers during the slow periods through the season, the rare late season response still happened.

    I also got calls from people that had gotten my flyer over 6 months from when I gave them out.

    Just keep plugging. It took three years for me to be able to draw a modest weekly salary.

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    Did you get more calls by now? Sometimes it takes a while before they reach out to you and most importantly you need to keep marketing to your target market :)

    Here are some tips that have worked well for our landscaping clients:

    1. Promote Lawn-Cutting Services First
    The best way to market your services (even if they are upscale landscaping services), is to offer FREE lawn cutting first. Then, once you’re in the door, upsell your landscaping services! No matter how amazing you are, you need to convince people to give you a shot first. That’s what the FREE offer does. Don’t neglect it.

    2. Images of Actual Work (and You!)
    You get a better response if you show images of actual work you’ve done, rather than stock photos. Believe it or not, most people can tell the difference (especially if you’re using pictures of hills in Florida — they ain’t here). We’ve also found it helpful for landscapers to have pictures of themselves and their staff on the card. Get personal, it’s okay.

    3. Autumn Clean-Up Campaigns
    Some of the most successful campaigns we see are fall “leaf clearing” campaigns. If you’re in a climate that allows for it (i.e. autumn happens where you live — sorry, Florida), promoting this service with your postcards or flyer is a fantastic way to get some extra autumn work. Not only that, but your clients will remember you when spring rolls around again!
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    Passed out 900 door hangers so far, 5 calls, only landed 3 of the jobs, and lost one of them already this year. Last year I got calls in August from flyers passed out in May. Keep advertising and you will get jobs.
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    So, my numbers were a little low. I think there's about 100 left. And yes, I did get one more call yesterday. I noticed that customers don't always call right away. I think that makes my response total 6. Even if nobody else calls, I think my response rate is close to 1%.

    As far as targeting customers, I need to work on that. I picked a neighborhood close by for the majority of them, but I noticed that the houses don't look very expensive. There are older people living there, but it doesn't like they have a lot of money.

    I'm going to some nicer neighborhoods that will probably be worth driving a few miles for.

    When I can afford it, I'll make some door hangers and put some pictures in. My first flyers were just black and white, but on colored paper.

    I wouldn't mind giving away some free service, but not on the first cut. I might do the 3rd or 4th cut free.

    I wanted to quit doing leaves, because I always underestimated them. I'm now trying to charge by the bag. I did a small leaf job, charging $5 per bag, and still didn't come out very good. I don't haul them off for that price, but it might still be too low.
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    How are you doing on your 30 customer goal? I think on a good year (but that means getting much more rain than we've had this year) I've picked up close to 20. I have a feeling it's going to be hard if we don't get more rain here.
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    Rain here is plentiful, so much so I'm worried about getting too much rain and not being able to cut because the yards will get soaked. I weekly have 12 properties not including my house. I have 3 more that are of and on. The situation where i have them scheduled a few times this year when they can't do it or don't have the time. I'm in school, and finding time until it is over to do door hangers, is tough. I'm at about half of what my goal is for this year. I designed my own door hangers in Photoshop. I got 2500 of them from for $143. They have very high quality printing and highly recommend them. Here is the final copy, I changed my number for obvious reasons.

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    Nice flyer
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    Nice flyer. I'd lose the push mower... it's a stock photo that has been used to death. I think the flyer would look fine without it. Is that a lawn you do?
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    Yep, the 2 top lawn pics are of mine. From last year. I use a 36 on that property this year, but still looks just as good! I like the look of the wider stripes. And yea, i ran out of ideas on it....I probably shouldn't have used the push mower but it looked empty without something there.

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