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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Mar 19, 2002.

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    I figured I can do about an acre an hour with trimming, so here's what I came up with. What do you see wrong with it? The price is about $35/hour depending on difficulty. The spring cleanups are a special deal right now to get my first batch of customers. kind of a discount to get them hooked maybe. most of the lawns i'm aiming at don't need it anyway they're clean no sticks no leaves grass is short. Whaddya think? If it's A-OK, then maybe it will help someone else too.

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    If I read your table correctly, a home, just about an acre, would run the customer on the very heavy side of clean up (assuming worst conditions), $43.00. 1 acre x $43. I think you're light in your calculations. I'm sure you could add in a cut and additional services. I would think for a two man crew to be at an acre property cleaning up sticks, debris, leaves, etc. for 3 to 4 man hours if you're not that detailed. I guess it depends on how many beds, etc.

    I would caution that using strict formula pricing, though neat/clean and quick, may mislead you into believing that you're accurately pricing - when you may not be. Estimate your job two ways to check your numbers. Your formula method and then estimate the hours and charge based off of a time estimate. Track your time and double check the accuracy of your formulas.
  3. southside

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    I agree,you should always try and use 2 ways to price a job.
    Estimated hours and per square metre or foot.
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    Not bad for a base. You will have to calculate in different variables. I hope you have a minimum for dropping the gate?

  5. 65hoss

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    Don't get so carried away with formulas that you screw yourself. You would be better off using some historical data of your own. If none, start gathering info this year.

    I wouldn't even cut only an acre for $43.
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    Formula's are not all bad. I think the majority of the American public is afraid of numbers. Most people know what they are, their just afraid of putting them on paper. WHY? I don't know.

    However I also agree that you need to make room for exceptions. Not everything can be a model! I don't have a formula for lawncare, but I do have one for landscpaing. I bid a landscaping job from the formula, then from experience, and come up with a number somewhere in between. After I'm done with a job I review what I did wrong/right, then come up with a solution for the next time. It works for me, and that's what you need to find. . . something that works for you.
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    Yea I know don't use formulas blah blah.... I did say that it depends on difficulty etc. And I don't think there's anything wrong with formulas at all as long as they're setup right. You are just an old school person maybe??? This is the new age man! wake up! Once I do the first job i can get a better idea of the time it'll take. For you who don't know it's a one man show.
  8. Russo

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    I'm pretty new to this site but find the people here a FANTASTIC I have to wonder,BushHogBoy, why you ask for opinions and then dis them? Perhaps I misunderstood, It's happened before.

    I price the same way as you, with a formula that adjusts for variables......if you care.

    Good Luck, Landscraper.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    I guess I was asking not what do you think of formulas but what do you think of how my formulas are setup? Not what do you think of Democracy, but what do you think of Bill Clinton? Get it? I'm asking the pro-formula people like yourself to help me out here, not asking the non-formula old timers to put me down. I do want advice but i don't want put downs for using a formula.
    Also, my services are very basic that is why the price isn't sky high. I'm trying to not be a scrub/lowballer (whatever i'd classify as) but i'm trying to be professional but also give people what they pay for, I mean, I guess it's a special niche in the market I want. just cut and trim. no blow or fertilizer etc.
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    im starting out this year also i kinda like your idea i do think you should maybe kinda adjust it a little, i would not even think about dropping the gate for less than 30, think about your overhead make sure you can cover it and still make a nice profit. i dont think you want to spend the day running from customer to customer cutting a yard for 9 bucks !!!!! i hope not anyway .i understand you not wanting to take money you did'nt earn but you must never forget you are a business.i dont live in the greatest market but to cover my overhead thats the way it has to the way i started about 3 weeks ago and i have 9 new accounts and not one person has complained about my prices even had a customer tell me thats not a bad price and asked me to lay 5 yards of mulch for him too,charged him 35 bucks for a little less than a half acre(alot of trimming)..i do have a question for you i see your economy pack is 30 and your standard and deluxe are both 35,, why??????

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