my friend has a 09 fast-trac

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    :confused:my friend mr gene has a 2009 fast-trac 48 inch w/19 hp koler engine,,it seems to burning oil,, so far he has used 1 quart and 1/2 in about 100hr's instead of just adding oil,,he has changed it instead,,,he was told at the dealership it would use some oil until the 1st 50 hr's until the ring's seat,,,,now his mower has just over 130 hr's still using oil,,,and was told to keep a check and the oil level after each time it is used, and how many hr's it was run,,before noticing there is any drop in oil level,,mr gene is like me I check my oil every day before I use it,,,like I always say oil is the life of the engine and I change mine every 75 hours
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    This is something he will need to talk to his dealer about, they dealer can look into it deeper and find out why its doing this.
    That engine is a residential grade engine, not a commercial grade engine, it sounds like he may be using the mower commercially?


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    mr gene cut his lawn of 2 1/2 acres,,, and 2 people next door they have about acre each...his lawn has a watering system some times he cuts it one or 2 times a week he wants to look good all the time,,and during the winter months he plants winter rye so basically he cuts year round,,,,

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