My friend was dropped by his LCO

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Enforcement FM, Mar 28, 2006.

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    and he wants me to do his lawn. I know the price he paid last year because his former LCO is my father. He dropped him because he is a PITA about money, calls and says don't mow this week, and the yard is tough to mow. You have to walk most of it due to steep hills. I go to his place and do an estimate. Last year he was getting Bi-weekly mowing. 35 dollars per mow. Here is the catcher of it all, he is a CPA. So I took into account all things being equal and made him this offer. Pay me $60.00 per month, throw in tax services and it would be a good deal for both sides. I would hit it 4 times a month during growing season. By the time I got to $60 a month, he says" That will be more then I paid last year. Look at the yard, the grass is bad, your dad hasn't been here in 5 months. Thats a lot of money for 7 months worth of work. Can we trade out Services?"

    I guess I shouldn't be supprised, but now I find my self in a tough situation. He never told me how much he was willing to pay, but I know that if I do his yard, it will mess up our friendship. He doesn't see the value in the service I provide and over values his tax preperation. I know I can get the taxes done for $150 each year elsewhere. I was willing to cut the cost of service in half and have him do my taxes, but now I see it is a bad idea.

    My question is, how would you handle this? Please keep in mind I don't want to ruin our friendship.
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    Dont mix business with friendship.. in the end they are usually not your friend anymore. JMO and im sure is many others.
  3. Lawn Enforcement FM

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    I pretty much know I don't want to do his property, I am wondering how I should handle not getting the account.

    Should I Tell him Price is non-negotialable?

    Be brutally honest?

    Suggest he buy a push mower since he wont get service at the price he is looking to pay?


    Just tell him that after a lot of thinking, I don't want to service his yard because I value his friendship too much and don't want to take a chance of ruining our friendship.
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  5. meathead1134

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    If he is your friend just be honest with him. BTW that avatar is awsome
  6. Rev. Crabgrass

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    You could just say that you cannot take on anymore accounts at this time.

  7. MMLawn

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    It's real easy. Just be completely honest and tell him that you value his friendship more than his money. Recommend some responsible other LCO to him that you know to do it.

    I learned many years ago that even with the very best of intentions it never fails that if you mix business and friendships something ALWAYS goes wrong, even with the best of plans and in the end you lose BOTH the business and more importantly the friend.

    So again, just be honest and tell him that.
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    I will echo what MM said. Biz is biz and if you murky the waters btwn biz and friendship, you are bound to incur problems. You have to apply the same value to your time as you would another LCO would and let the chips fall where they may. Role you possibly think he would do the same for you? Question answered........

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