My Grass Is Dying.....Fast! Please Help.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by usandadam, Mar 10, 2001.

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    Please....anyone....I need help quickly.

    My husband and I purchased a new home close to 1 1/2 years ago. We have a really nice St. Augustine lawn that has been down close to 2 years. We try to be attentive to the lawn and apply Scott's Fertilizer appropriately throughout the year. Until now, we haven't had any major problems other than an occasional small brown spot from the dreaded grubs. The grubs have now been pretty much eliminated.

    The grass in our area seemed to begin greening earlier than normal this year so we went ahead and put down the weed and feed about a month ago. In January, I had applied the Bayer once a year grub control since we were still having a terrible time with the armidillos digging in the rear of our yard. Shortly after putting down the weed and feed the lawn began to green and thicken nicely. A little more than 2 weeks afterward it was ready for the first mow of the season. It really looked nice. The next week to week and a half brought quite a bit of scattered rain and we were out of town for several days.....and the grass grew to a little higher than we normally allow it to get. It had dried out enough to mow this past Monday so I took advantage of the opportunity. For most of this past week, we have had quite cool nights (35-45) pushed down from the storms up north with warming in the high 60's and 70's during the day. Nothing else out of the ordinary. We had a couple of brief showers but the ground wasn't at all "dry" and I really didn't see the need to water.

    "D" Day Arrives.....Yesterday, I walk out to the mailbox and I discover that most of our front lawn looks as if it's dying. The grass blades have curled up and turned black and brittle. This is 2 very large separate areas in the front of our house. The lawn to the sides of our house and in the rear are fine. Up close, the areas look like grass looks a few minutes after having gas spilled on it. At a distant, the areas look bare and dead.

    I was reading about lawn pests earlier today and it sounded a lot like the damage from chinch bugs. It said to check for them you can cut the ends off a can and tap it into the ground about 2 inches next to the affected area and keep the can filled with water for about 10 minutes and they should begin to float if any are present. I didn't see anything and really don't think that it's due to insects. I really don't know what has or is happening.

    Please....any help from anyone who has experienced or seen this problem will be so greatly appreciated. I would like to understand what has possibly happened, how to prevent it in the future and how to "fix" the areas in the least amount of time. We have a realtor coming on Wednesday to discuss putting our home on the market for sale and this just looks so bad and I fear that it will get worse. I called TruGreen ChemLawn today in an attempt to get someone to come out but discovered they do not work on Saturdays but are supposed to call me back Monday morning. Do you think this is a good idea or would it be a waste of money?

    Thanks again for any help.....Diana

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    Good idea to call. Sounds like a fungus.But then again could be:winter brown, fetilizer kill, web worms.
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  4. usandadam

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    I have tried more than once to get into this particular site but continue to be unable to access it. From what I've seen about it, it does appear to have good info. Being a state site, it may be down for the weekend as I've seen other state of Florida sites that are available only during the week. I will try again. Thanks!
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    check the ph levels, did you smell the grass to see if someone tried to ruin your lawn???? it does sound like a fungus but what kind i don't know of. check a book on grass to dieses and fungus.

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    I would call the local agricultural office and ask for the horticulture agent. This person can come by and have a look at your lawn and most likely be able to tell you what the problem is.

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