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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnspecialties, May 24, 2008.

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    As some of you know, I just picked up three Gravelys Thursday. A 260, 252, and a 148. Up until now, I've been running primarily Hustler SuperZs and one Deere 717A. I've had SuperZs for about four years now and before them, I ran Cub Cadet Tanks. I've also used Toros briefly.

    Well today I got a very good chance to really see what the 260 and the 252 will do for me. I demoed a Gravely 260 and a Deere 820A a couple of weeks ago and afterwards, ordered the three Gravelys under their fleet plan. Today I (and my wife helping :)) mowed an 8 acre church and two medium sized commercial properties. This church is where the 820A fell flat on it's face which pretty much discounted it in my purchasing decision. There's thick tall-fescue and a few hillsides that although are not rediculous, will definitely tell if a mower is a wimp or not.

    Well, after about 3.5 hours on each mower, I am well pleased with my decision.

    Here's my unofficial comparison of Gravely vs. Hustler SuperZ.

    Design: I give Hustler a slight edge here. The SuperZ has a lower center of gravity making it more stable on steep hills. My wife and I both felt the Gravely had a better ride. That's ironic sense my SuperZs all had flex forks. The Gravely has almost too perfect a balance of weight. I'd prefer a little more weight on the rear for better rear traction but it wasn't bad. When I become more used to the machine, I'll probably be able to handle it better.

    Power: Hands down, Gravely. Even though Hustler now shows the 31hp Kawasaki as an option, I've never had a SuperZ that you didn't have to run the throttle at least half to engage the blades. The Gravelys will start the blades with hardly a flinch at idle speed. Mowing thick turf today at around 10mph barely made an audible difference in rpms.

    Quality of Cut: Not even close, Gravely. I never knew you could mow large areas of turf with the chute down and get a nice cut with even clippings dispersal. Nobody complained more than me about the SuperZ XR-7 decks clumping up underneath and spitting out globs of grass even with the chute up. In addition, underneath my X-Factor decks right now, they are as clean as when I started the day. I might actually be able to throw away my 5-n-1 painters tool. :clapping:

    Two more "additionals" that I just love. When I asked in the Hustler forum a couple of years ago why SuperZs couldn't have headlights and why they don't have places to tie them down, I was told by the Hustler rep "you shouldn't be mowing when it gets dark, it's not safe". What type of stupid answer was that? Anyway, Gravely offers headlights and tie down lugs. :weightlifter:

    Again, this is just my opinion and we all know everyone has one. But I've always called it like I see it. Just because it's what's on my trailer doesn't necessarily mean it's the best and I'll sure tell you if I don't like something that I bought. If I wasn't pleased with these units, I'd sure tell you. But I've been in this business now 9 years. New mowers just don't get me excited like they did in the early days. But I must admit, today I rather enjoyed myself. :)
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    I saw pictures of your new "kids" over in the other forum. Cograts on the new purchases, nice looking mowers. When I was trying out a gravely I did not care for the way the levers folded down, but I did think they might be safer if you ever needed to make a quicke exit. I know you are suppost to stay in the seat with the seat-belt on, but i always take the rops and belts off. Looks like you made a great purchase.
  3. 93Chevy

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    The Gravely's seem like real nice machines. Good luck with them.
  4. tacoma200

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    Glad your happy. Those big front tires have to help the ride.
  5. Big C

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    What did you pay for the 148 i am thinking of getting one myself
  6. ProStreetCamaro

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    THANK YOU for backing up everything I have been saying. I am glad your enjoying your new machines.

    As a side note the 100 series has a lower center of gravity than the 200 series. Thats why we bought the 160Z over the 260Z. We just use it for average size residentials so we didnt feel a need for the 200 series mower.
  7. lawnspecialties

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    That makes sense.

    Tomorrow I'm heading out with the 148 and the 252. I have nine residentials that will be mowed with the 148 so I'll really get a good chance to see how it does. I've only used my 717A for the past year on these lawns so I'll get a good chance to compare the two machines on the same turf.

    The 252 gets two commercial properties tomorrow that have very nice fescue but I already know that should go well. :)
  8. M&M Mowing

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    Im glad you purchased Gravely machines. I have two 260z's and had a total of four over my years of mowing. I know that the x factor deck is probably my top choice of decks on the market. Two of the Gravelys that I have sold did not have the x factor decks but still left a great cut. What engine did you get on your 260? I just bought a 260 with the 31hp kawasaki. My other gravely has the 26hp kawie thats liquid cooled and has plenty of power as well.
  9. lawnspecialties

    lawnspecialties LawnSite Silver Member
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    I put them in my sig.. My 260 also has the 31hp Kawasaki, the 252 has the 27hp Kawasaki, and the 148 has the 21hp Kawasaki.

    The last two SuperZs I've had (60" and 66") had the 26hp LC Kawasaki. It really is a great motor. I just decided to do a little something different this time.
  10. M&M Mowing

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    Do you know if the hustler and land pride are basically the same mower? To aid in better traction I put a set of cleated tires on one of my 260's.

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