my great dane broke again.......many others

Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by ishu4u, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. ishu4u

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    well i have 200 hours on my chariot lx and still i feel like the factory test dummy...
    first there was the broken deck belt at 16 hours and again at 75 hours. at that point they admitted the pulley they used in production had no roll to the edge and caused the belt to fray and break. and yes i had to wait on a simple belt to be ordered since the dealer had several of the same trouble from others ..great problem solved. then now at 200 hours with deck bearings full of grease as always i noticed a wobble in the outside blade spindle. it had a spacer from the factory that was a touch larger than the bearing center it rides on and wore down enough to touch the race of the bearing and stop the race. it then spun on the spindle shaft till there was alot smaller shaft in that area than the other. so again after waiting for parts it is fixed. the mech told me that all i can do is hope for the best on the others.after the warranty they cost is to be mine.

    do i buy another one in hopes the research and develpement i help out in is taking form at the factory?
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    Well i wont buy another. How pathetic that the useless gd dealers cant even keep a belt in stock. Big deal others needed them because of the same problem, how often do they order parts? But in their defence, the useless factory is probably out of them also. Now what are you waiting for , a shaft, bearing? How rediculous.
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    How many lawns do you service on a regular basis? You have not put many hours on your machine since late April.

    I bought a new scag that had a similar problem with the edge of the pulley... I fixed this myself... I took off the belt, engaged the blades (no blades on deck)... and as they turned, I lightly took a file and smoothed it down. Fixed that problem.

    If possible... try to build a working relationship with your dealer... get to know him and let him know a little about yourself... at some point let him know that your business and family rely on the equipment you bought from him.... just like he replies on people like you to buy the equipment so he can feed his family. ( in so many words ) You might just be surprised how much more personal treatment you receive.

    Have you posted your comments in the Gread Dane forum? If not, try there....
  4. John Gamba

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    Get a lazer they been doing it before 1995.
  5. ishu4u

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    john i passed on a laser to get the newest great dane..big mistake.. and i have not put many hours on it due to using a walk behind at most of my in town jobs. this is a part time business in it's first year. i hope to go full time next spring and i bought the equipment with that in mind. also i bought the gd from a local dealer when the gd rep came there for an open house. i was promised t-shirts, hats and such for myself and my partner. they never showed up and after 3 emails to the rep named john ---,
    i don't think they will ever get here now. but wait to hear my story during the outdoor show in my state of ky.. he will get an ear full. and i will buy another rider there from the exmark guys..
    stoking parts is not a problem if the mfg tells the dealer there is a defect and he will need to address each unit sold to make things right. the gd mfg hides and waits to repair only the ones that fell there is a defect and never sends out a notice to update your machine at no cost like the car mfg's do..........bad business in my book.
  6. John Gamba

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    Good luck! You will love the cut the ultracut gives.
    In your corner John.
  7. ishu4u

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    below is my email to gd lets see if they step up to the plate and really care about a customer that bought 10k from them at one time.......maybe i am a little guy but i have big dreams.

    not very happy with my gd purchase at this point. with the show in october
    on the way i must consider what brand to buy there. i was wanting a second
    gd from you, but after much repair at the dealer for defective factory work
    and the lack of response on your simply promise of shirst and hats. i find
    no motivation to continue being a gd owner. my belts broke often till gd
    admitted they had use a wrong pulley wheel in production. my spindles go bad
    due to poor design and parts used that are not size well in the spacers on
    the shaft. my dealer has told me that i am just part of the group they sold
    gd mowers to that have returned often for repairs under warranty. if this
    were a vehichle i would have had a post card telling me you made a poor
    choice on parts in production, and had me go to the dealer and have the
    problem fixed before a broken machine caused down time that was not
    schedualed. i find dealing with your company hard to swallow right now.
    there is one month for me to change my mind. anything you wish to say or do
    about this??
    joe and john lossen
    9745 clifton rd.
    frankfort, ky. 40601
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  8. Who cares about the email, it doesn't mean squat. Who cares that you dealer don't stock parts.

    First off, next time you go to dealer, buy 3-4 belts to have on hand in your shop/garage, while you are at it, get yourself a spindle too. You are complaining about parts GD does not even mfg.

    You will learn to stock verious parts for yourself, that's the smart business thing to do.
  9. GLAN

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    Need to have your own stock of parts.

    I have a friend that buys air cleaners 5 cases at a time. Does the same with other various needed items for the machines.
  10. pinnacle

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    Yeh Gd don't even manufacture thoses parts.

    I have Charriot and its got around 210 hours on it and no probs as yet. (And I do heaps brush hoging with it)
    If you keep having issues go and post on the GD forum and they might be able help you.
    I don't know about the new Danes? they look like there under built and whats the go with the key controls being under your legs?

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