My hands are killing me!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scraper, Oct 12, 2000.

  1. Scraper

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    Earlier this season I put on a post about how the Scag hydro would lose power when using a sulky. Then I reported how it was fixed by changing the springs for the hydro units. These heavier springs have done the trick, but much to my dismay my hands/fingers ache from the added draw I must put on to pull in the handles. I know Stone will say that's why I should use Toro as the T-Bar doesn't have that problem, but does anyone know of any other fix for this problem? I am planning on buying a Z next season, but will still need to use the WB.
  2. Make hired help operate the scag. You see the great thing about workers comp insurance is they can't sue for OTJ injuries.

    Now if you are using help from a temp service you can be liable for injuries. Stay away from using temps.
  3. Scraper

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    Too bad I am the hired help. :)

    I've e-mailed scag, but I bet it takes them forever to get back to me!
  4. BRL

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    Get to the gym! Before I got my hydro mower that I use 85% of the time now, I would start working out every Feb. or Mar. to get my forearm, wrist & hand muscles strengthened before the season of dealing with the WB's and my carpal tunnel syndrome.
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    BUY A NEW MOWER! Try any thing with Naproxen Sodium in it, take 2 first followed by one every 8 hours as the directions say. Try sleeping at night with your hands in wrist splints (like rollerbladers wear) to keep them straight. I had this problem when I had a BobCat with the grip handles, that's why I bought the Great Dane Scamper with the bars, no problems since.

    Good luck.
  6. Scraper

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    BRL...Has nothing to do with the gym. How can you strengthen finger muscles? Play ice hockey all the time and am in great shape! Never had this problem til the "beefier" springs were put on. I could run the darn WB all day with no problems. The springs have a real strong resistance to say the least. Not to this time of the season one would think that my hands would've strengthened themselves from the use. I know you're just ribbin, but I was hoping for another mechanical fix as opposed to a physical fix. :)

    P.S. Kirby...what might have that stuff in it? Thankk God I only have about 4 more weeks worth of cutting...then I can rest the digits for a few months! You feeling better yet?
  7. KirbysLawn

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    Aleve is the most common brand around here, there are several others just look in the "Asprin" section at the drug store. Yes, much better today, getting ready to got follow-up on my lawn seedings I did 2-3 weeks ago. Thanks for asking.
  8. sunrise

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    idea take the spring off of the bottom
    I had the same trouble and put longer lighter springs on my scag I used angle iron to make spring hook up beside of the motor
  9. Scraper

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    Art...could you be a little more detailed? Where did you bolt the angle iron? You using a sulky? The longer spring kept enough pressure on the hydro to give you power? I've been thinking about just dropping the sulky, putting the original springs on and walking again, but my productivity would be lost!
  10. Turf Kutter

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    Scraper what sulky are you using velke?Jungle Wheels?Two wheel sitdown sulky made by scag or unknown brand?That should help a little more.

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