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    I actually started out when i was 11. i was approached by one of my niehbors asking if i could consider mowing there yard i didn't put much thought into it and decided i would, i went out with birthday money and bought a 93.00 pushmower from that pushmower i went to having a 1,000.00 riding lawn mower in the first year of business. the first year i only had built up to 6 yards but boy i thought i was making a killing. at age 13 i bought a tractor from a local dealer with a 5ft woods mower behind it and eventually found myself getting into bushoging and garden tilling.with this tractor i pulled around a small cart that hauled my mowers until i was able to drive. man people thought i was crazy riding around on that tractor all the time. once the mowing really picked up at age 15 i sold my tractor and bought two ztr mowers, and used an f-150 of my dads until i had the capital for my first truck . i found out there was more money in mowing than what i originally thought. i am now age 19 and have a 94 gmc 4X2 dually and a 96 dodge dually 4x2 with a dump bed along with a 24ft enclosed trailer and a 20ft open trailer, two commercial walk behinds two pushmowers and many misc. items. i only have 52 yards but with all the rain me and one helper are struggling.
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    Gee, that must be nice with 52 yards.

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