My Hooklift Transformation

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by BulldogPS, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. BulldogPS

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    Started with a 08 F550 and Stellar Hooklift. Even with Air lift air suspension, the truck would bottom out the suspension with 4 yds of loam. 6.4 diesel clogged DPF 4 times in 7,000 miles, causing weeks of downtime :angry:. Hooklift feature was nice, but truck is P.O.S.:dizzy:

  2. BulldogPS

    BulldogPS LawnSite Member
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    Found a used 2003 F650 Crew Cab, CAT C7, Allison Auto, 37,000 miles with a 16' contractors body on it for $20,000. The previous owner had paid $10,000 for that mystic flame paint job, I was in love. I Traded in my 2008 F550 Cab and Chassis(after clearing the check engine light for the 4th clogged DPF):laugh:. Dealer gave me $33,000 for the cab and chassis with 8500 miles and a 9'6" Stanless Fisher Extreme-V that was used pretty heavily for 2 seasons (came off another truck). Donovan Equipment Shortened the F650, mounted my Stellar hooklift, hydraulic tarp, stainless box, painted the frame, installed a new PTO, made a new aluminum tarp deflector, and installed stainless rear fenders for $7000.


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  3. BulldogPS

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    That left some $$$ for Alcoa Durabrights w/ new Goodyear tires.:cool2:
    Stainless tanks next, and install my Whelen Liberty lightbar.

  4. a&j lawncare llc

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    i have a goood friend whos a mechanic at a ford dearler for trucks..he sees that all the time..he says the 6.0 6.4 6.8 junk..i have a 2001 7.3 with 110k and a 2000 f450 with 180k..never a big problem..never left me on the side of road..ill never own any thing but the 7.3...
  5. JFGauvreau

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    Nice truck, you shouldn't have problems with the 650 with the CAT engine!
  6. bobcat48

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    Truck is very nice.
  7. Cutter1

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    looks real good. Too bad about the 550. I have a 6.0 and its a pain in the a$$ Nobody can seem to figure out what is wrong with it.
  8. BulldogPS

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    So far I have killed 2 6.0 diesels. My 06 F350 had Turbo failure at 36,100 miles, the warranty expired by 100 miles and they refused to repair under warranty. My 07 F550 spewed oil out of every crevice of the engine, truck went to the dealer countless times for burning oil smell, hesitation, funny noises, truck used to smell like an oil refinery with 20,000 miles on it. After a long night of plowing, got on the hiway to go home and the truck wouldn't go over 20 mph. Kept my foot to the floor the whole way:laugh:. By the time I got off at my exit, the truck was idling so rough the plow was bouncing up and down and slamming into the ground. Then came the hooklift:dizzy:
  9. BulldogPS

    BulldogPS LawnSite Member
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    Hang on to those 7.3s man.
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Nice find and nice truck.

    I hear ya on the 6.0h no's. Have 3 of them. Unfortunately.

    What is a 6.8 Ford diesel? Never heard of it?

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