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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by pwarren4, Jun 29, 2004.

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    have you ever thought about hanging the weed wacker inside the trailer? that way you won't bang it up if you going down a driveway and there are some bushes and trees along it.
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    No the trailer did not come from Lowe's. There is a group of guys in Nashville building and selling them.

    Cost was $540+tax hooked up, ready to go.

    I could understand that Mini-Van setup working quite well. :)

    Just for the record, a little history I think would help better explain how I got to this situation. (FWIW of course).

    I purchased my Vibe in June of 2003 for the sole task of handling the 45-mile one-way commute to my full time job. The Vibe proved to be superior to the Blazer I had previously for this task. The Vibe also does very well when it is time for me, the wife and my two kids want to go somewhere together. The Blazer I had was a 98 model with 135K on the odometer and was shot. I managed to get it to the dealer/shop where the repair bills to make it drivable and safe exceeded the worth of the vehicle (by almost twice!). I inquired about trading and through the rebates and discounts available at the time a trade was negotiated, and I was very pleased with the outcome.

    Fast forward to spring 2004-
    1. My fulltime job company had "downsized" and reduced the pay rate by 6% for everyone and cut out all overtime. This hit the billfold pretty hard and generated lots of extra time not known of for 10 years+.
    2. My WallieWorld push lawnmower had proven to be a bigger POS than ever expected, I was tired of rigging it and dealing with it’s weight (it was supposed to be self-propelled which was way to slow, and pushing that beast was a chore).
    3. My father-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer during the winter and was not able to mow his own lawn for a while. He has since gone into remission and has bought himself a new Husqvarna LT.
    4. My sister needed help keeping up her lawn.

    With these 4 reasons I found myself searching for a good commercial grade mower so hopefully it would be my “last” mower. I know this is wishful thinking since I’m only 34 and it is unreasonable to expect any mower to last 30 years+. The whole time I was shopping I had the idea of pursuing other people’s lawns for extra money in the back of my head due to reason #1 noted above, which also fueled the quest for a commercial grade mower.

    It didn’t take long to find myself at the eXmark dealer and the pictures tell the rest of the story. I have 5 regular accounts now and a few more calling me “as-needed” or about once a month, my sister’s and mine which gives me 7 total yards I’m maintaining.

    I know this is small by the standards portrayed at this site, but hey, I still consider myself just starting out and I’m actively pursuing more work for me and my eXmark.

    Like I said. I’m posting this FWIW which is absolutely nothing to most, just thought I’d share a little history.
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    Some sort of upgrade is definitely needed, haven’t decided on which route to take yet though. I would like to make some sort of mount for on top of the front rail *shrugs*
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    nevermind - tried posting during forum malfunction
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    nevermind again
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    Hey PW
    Your rig is a lot nicer. than what I started with, Keep on Keeping and the accounts will come and your need to upgrade will be there.
    I started with a 21" push mower and a street broom, and it work for me. Didn't have a trailer, had to haul it all in the back of my truck, I really thought I hit the big times when I bought me a Craftsman and a weed eater blower. Man I was in Lawn Heaven. I guess what I am saying you have to start somewhere and it looks like you got a good start. Good Luck and God Speed.
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    Well you should see my setup 2002 hyundai elantra pulling a 1971 litle dude trailer 6x8 foot that I restored.I have a 48" JD GS45 along with all my gas can trimmer, blower, rototiller arins push and cubcadet push. I get some strange looks but, at least I didn't bury myself in debt so I'll be in business next year and hoping to go full time.
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    Rock on Meathead

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    Best of luck to you both.
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    PW, here's my 5X8 with at 32" metro, 2 21" toros. Same trimmer rack as you've got, from Lowes. I also got a Jungle Jim's Blower Mate, it works great. It's a small trailer, but anything bigger wouldn't be necessary...Good Luck to you.

    mmc 014.jpg

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