my Hustler Heart transplant :-)

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sdk1968, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. sdk1968

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    got it at Tulsa Engine Warehouse several hundred cheaper than Small Engine Warehouse... those are my 2 favorite places to get engines... let me see if they got any left...

    its not on sale now. lmao....
  2. Realslowww

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    Small engine warehouse is selling BB Briggs 36's for 1679 shipped. I don't know anything about these big motors but the Pupster lead me to believe he likes the Gennie and Briggs better than the Kaw?
  3. sdk1968

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    that maybe true... might be just as good or better...

    went with the Kawi because thats whats coming on them now & it had the right shaft sizes... 1 1/8" x 4"...

    i like SmallEngineWarehouse & have used them for several of my conversions including the Gravely in the Gravely thread.... they were just too high for the Kawi motor.

    be sure to let me know how your swap goes!
  4. sdk1968

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  5. sdk1968

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    its been a long winter here and ive not had time to update until now....

    several things going on with this toy/mower! some good, some still need tinkered with.

    so heres the "good" stuff:

    first the engine runs & pulls fantastic! this thing mows better than anything ive ever owned, rented or rode.

    added a 2" receiver to the front for my 6" snow blade & used that for most of the winter. 2 fold.. 1 i dont shovel as much, 2 get to put hours on my motor.

    my particular snowblade is one we got for my Rhino but it works just fine on this. most of you who know me know i live on a hillside and my driveway is no exception. the zero turn aspect of this thing is great for snowplowing.... but the 2 wheel drive can be a bit of a hold back when its ice underneath it.

    the hitch also comes in handy for when its stuck. :)

    other good things.... as the guys here call it .. my "spoiler" was a bit too close so i took the top cage off and raised the spoiler up 1/2" so it gets plenty of airflow thru the coolers now.

    also tubed both of those tires so that they'll stop leaking off.

    now for the not so good:

    im still having ignition switch trouble. i dont know if its just the switch or if its the solenoid on the starter. does it hot or cold. sometimes you turn the key and it clicks but doesnt kick the starter. you might have to hit the key 5-6 times and then it will take right off.

    ive got a brand new 525 cca battery in there & new cables, also new wire from starter to key, good ends & such. so just not sure on what the problem is.. if any of you have an idea im all ears!

    wheel motor drip... still got that too!... yeah i got a brand new set of motors, but these havent crapped out yet so the new ones are on the shelf until an old one dies.

    thats really it. theres just nothing to complain about with this thing.

    even though i absolutely just hate mowing grass (sorry!) i really like this beast!

    will ad some new pix later this week.
  6. sdk1968

    sdk1968 LawnSite Member
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    got the switch trouble fixed.. just put a new switch in it and moved on. sometimes trying to save a nickel can cost you a lot of time.

    on a side note: if you do this conversion... DO NOT wire it up the way it says to in Kawi owners manual. the charging leg from the regulator will stay hot all the time if you do... & it backfeeds.

    im not an electrical guru, but all you had to do was run the charging leg back thru a switched position to fix all this up.

    stuck a new set of regular old factory replacement blades on this baby & couldnt believe what a difference that made.

    mowing my hillside/dirt is now just like playing around instead of beating me to death like it was on my old Gravely riding tractor.
  7. sdk1968

    sdk1968 LawnSite Member
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    hard to believe this thing is coming up on 2 more years since my last update...

    i plowed snow with it this winter 4 times & have mowed a couple times this year already.

    STILL havent changed those wheel motors or pumps yet. they just refuse to die.

    motor is still very strong, but as PuppyPaws & me have both discussed at length: they can be hard starters when they have been setting a couple of months with out action.

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