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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mitchgo, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Fitting store owner heaven
  2. Kiril

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    Flood waiting to happen.
  3. grassman177

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    super job on the reports etc. makes me look terrible, lol. as built is as far as we go besides pictures for our own records on new installs only.
  4. irritation

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    Typical pool house plumbing.
  5. 1idejim

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    Yeh it is!

    Looks like a service guy got his hands on another pool. These route guys upsell at the drop of a hat. All the latest and greatest comes in the door where it's hog tied and butchered for the sake of a buck.

    Up selling for the sake of up selling turns my guts. Up selling for boneifide system improvement is another thing.

    Btw, I found the problem and corrected it, advised them of the situation and explained why it was half of what I thought it would be. They're still bitching about the price :laugh:
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