My Journey Begins @ the IHEO School

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DTEP, Sep 30, 2011.

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    What are you towing around then, if I needed a truck for towing under 10,500 pounds I would bought a Ford F150 EcoBoost, gas fuel economy and diesel torque.
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    If I was looking for an opinion on what kind of truck to buy i wouldn't be asking here. I got exactly wha I wanted/needed. My pops sold Equipment and vehicles for 30 years to the industry, I think I can handle the truck buying decision from my own experiences and talks with him. And coming from a ford family, I don't like the F150 right now. Bad seats for my back. Otherwise yes, would of gotten a EcoBoost raptor if that would have done it for me.
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    Soooo....did you finish? get a job? How about an update?
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    Well talk about bringing an old one back from the dead. 7 months later, have been working non-stop! Found a gig in Edmonton with a large construction company, mostly residential and commercial land development.

    Despite the mixed reports, and most of the old dogs talking about how useless a training school is, I must say the training that I got from IHE has helped me a ton.

    Spent 10 days running a tractor, getting to know my first site, conditioning the dirt, learning the patterns and processes of all the machines working together.

    In no time I was running a scraper. Moving about 14 - 26 cubic meters a load (depending on the size of machine), 100 loads a day, this is the money maker for the company. Now usually this is where they like to keep most operators, for obvious reasons. But that's not what I was interested in.

    10 weeks later, I get a seat running dozer. Right where I want to be. Our two previous dozer guys waited 6-8 years running scraper to get that seat. I've been running a Komatsu D85 for most of the summer, but a couple of weeks ago i was lucky enough to get myself a much newer Cat D6R.

    I would not have this seat if it wasn't for the training school that I went to almost a year ago.

    So for anyone who may be debating it, do it. Mind you, just because you decide to go, doesn't mean you are going to come out a good operator. It is 100% on you to make that happen. Pay attention to everything going on around you, learn others good habits, and then when it's your turn to jump in the hot seat, you won't be so lost.

    I have a few pictures, but not much recent or of work we've been doing. Big projects take time to mature, and by the time we are almost done I usually get shipped off to start a new site! I will try and swing by some old sites and snap some if anyone is interested.

    My first piece of iron.

    And my home for 2 months. 627E Scraper.

    Jumped over to a site running 17 657Es (26 cubes a load) for a few days, that was hectic.

    Ran this little 621F doing a pre-grade on a small piece of road. Soft stockpiles and only one engine meant getting hooped a couple of times.

    Roading over a 657E to get hauled away.

    Another one all loaded up. Trailer has 72 tires on it. Look at the back of the transport truck, far right, compared to the scraper. These are a lot of fun to dodge fire hydrants and water valves while filling in roads...

    Stormy day at the site, waiting out the weather.

    Nice brand new Pete coming to haul some dirt away one day, still had plastic on the seats!

    Now this is how most of the summer looked for me, dark, stormy, and from the seat of my Komatsu D85.

    Getting comfy in this seat.
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    Those 621's are almost the same model we use in the Army. Almost worthless in the conditions that we operate in, almost better to just run a dozer, loader, and a dump truck.
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    Let's see pictures of the new work truck!

    People give me crap about buying a newer truck as well. I do tow a bobcat around quite a bit so our situations aren't quite the same. Plus my truck was paid off the day I took delivery of it. Payments suck.
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    Nice pics keep em coming

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