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    Hello all,
    Before I tell you my story I want to thank you all for all the great information that I am absorbing from here.

    Here is my story. I have a 500 sqft lawn (Socal - don't laugh) which was being taken care of my my $50.00 a month gardener. I was on a vacation (East Coast) where I noticed that people with 1/3 acre lots were routinely taking care of their lawn themselves. My pride was hurt when I had to admit to them that I have someone else taking care of my small yard. When I returned, I kindly told my gardener not to return from next week since I will be taking care of my lawn myself.

    So upon close examination of my lawn (Marathon - Dwarf Tall Fescue) I notice that there are a lot of weeds (Crabgrass, Dandelions) so I rush to Home Depot and get Weed and Feed granules and promptly burn 5 to 10 spots (about 10 inch in diameter) on my lawn. I problem I will seed it and I get a small pack of BermudaGrass (no idea what lawn I had) and poured it over the burn spots and wait for a few weeks...obviously nothing grew.

    I then realize that I have a Marathon II grass, so I go to the local nursery and get some Marathon II seeds. I ask the guy about how I should seed it and he advises that I need a seed topper and they have 2 kinds (Their own brand and Kellogg Seed topper). I pick their own brand topper, come home, and clean up the burn spots, dig small holes with a shovel, spread the grass seeds, top it with seed cover and water it. I continue to water it 2-3 times a day and I notice a nice green haze appear (small grass growing).

    My wife is pretty happy, saying the spots are hardly noticeable with all the long grass growing so fast along with the small grass. To my horror I discover that this is some kind of weed. I started my serious research of the weed and ran into this website and with some reading, I realize I have nutsedge (purple) growing wildly in the well watered area. It must have made it via the topper. I got rid of it and have a bag of Kellogg Topper in my garage now for future reseeding.

    More reading here, and I got Sedgehammer, Trimec Plus, and 1 gal sprayer this weekend. Since my yard is only 500 yards, I opened the pack and used approximately 1/2 of SedgeHammer in 1 gal water with 1 tbsp of Palmolive Original dish soap and sprayed my lawn (where there was infestation of nutsedge). I used only 1/2 of it so I went ahead and sprayed once more until the sprayer was empty. I used long clothing, socks, shoes and mask while spraying. The lawn had not been mowed for more than 2 days and not watered until 15 hours after spraying.

    I'm sorry this is long but I want to give a good background about my situation. I think I have curbed the growth of nutsedge, but now I need some advise from experts here as to what I should do from now on.

    1) How do I clean the sprayer?
    2) It has been 72 hours since I sprayed, can I mow my lawn now?
    3) Will most of the nutsedge die and should I pick it out of my lawn with hand after it has yellowed?
    4) I still have all the crabgrass, the Bermudagrass has also started growing, and dandelions. How do I get rid of them? Trimec plus?
    5) When should I reseed?
    6) What kind of fertilizing program I should get on?

    It has been a long journey but I'm so excited at all the information that I read about and how little I knew about my lawn. Working in my yard and learning more about my grass and plants is giving me so much more joy that I cannot wait to go home every day and do something (cleaning, manually weeding, playing with the kids) in the yard. I don't think it would have been possible without all the information that is posted on this website.


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