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my last option....JD vs Toro


LawnSite Senior Member
I only have these two machines with dealers in my area. I am lookingto buy a walk behind and a ZTR. I know john deere is going to be more expensive, bt even then....I am not sure which is going to be better in the long run.

I am looking at the JD 717 ZTR, and the Estate Toro.

Any opinions?

South Florida Lawns

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I suggest demoing both of the units and go from there. Toro and JD make some nice mowers, I would compare dealers to see which one will be more helpful as well.


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the 717 is tough and will last i have a 717 and two toro walk behinds i love the m both


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You'll also find that JD mower really isn't more expensive....thats just a myth

Also the 717 is a true commercial grade mower and as I understand it while Toro is also a great mower the Estate series is homeowner grade.

Tyner Lawn Service

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One of my mowers is a 2004 717a and has 800 trouble free hours on it. I love the way it cuts in wet grass. I can't speak for the Toro but it all depends on how you feel running the controls. Price out the door including tax should be about $6,300 for the Deere. Remember grass is GREEN not RED!:)


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i take it you don't want to go bigger than a 48" is this correct? as far as which one i run toros but i do like the deeres also. they are probably one of the best for any type of hill we just couldn't get as good a deal on it and our toro dealer is very good to us. as far as the toro if you want a 48" they have it in their pro series (pro value or pro performance) i would recommend looking at one of those more speed,hp, and just built better.imo. whatever you do demo and if your thinking about the toro estate demo it and the pro series. like many say though go bigger than you think and im not talking deck size neccesarily but you you can get a 48 pro toro at 23hp, i personally don't go with anything less than 20hp but thats just my preference.


LawnSite Senior Member
The Estate series is almost the same as a Lazer CT (except the deck), which is a commercial mower, but built for the homeowner that has some acerage. So your tires may not be as big and wide, and your motor combo's may be with a Briggs motor and be limited. I would go with the PRO series which isn't that much more.