My Lawn Business and Neighbor Lawn Business on war!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MadLawn, Jan 26, 2002.

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    Just want to tell you a short story heh.. it about me and neighbor. That he would not hire me, because I AM DEAF!!

    About 1998 I got layoff from welder for 7 year job. At My Home and saw my neighbor who is owner of land care business. He have like 3 worker with him. I walk over there and ask him if he is hiring now? And He said "NO". I Said "if You need hire, Please contact me." he said "OK". Next three days, saw a new guy work with him and I ask my friend who work with him. He said he hiring new worker instead of me. I felt bad. So I said "f--* Him. Next few days I decide to become my own small business to do lawn care business. But it working my business grow and grow. NOW My neightor and I are emeny. He is so angry (HAHA). Because I am HARD worker and Motivation Person. Some of my client told me that they not happy with their service. That His problem because he would not hired me at first place because I am deaf and he think I cant do anything. oh Bull!!!

    Now I have three deaf guy who work with me.

    -- How can I talk?
    Well I can read lip and talk pretty good.

    -- How Can I answer the phone that I cant talk on phone?
    We have special tty machine for hearing impaired like relay

    --Why Client like our work?
    Because We are hard worker, finish work on time, and Send
    them greeting cards.

    -- Did some client feel sorry about us being deaf?
    Yes most of it and they offer tip to workers. We told them that
    we are not allow to take tip or take any cash from clients. That
    out company policy.

  2. I looked at your web site, and read you all are deaf.

    Good teach that guy a leason about abillities.

    I think you will do well and have a big advantage over many.
  3. groundsguy1970

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    Best of luck!!!!

    ;) Think What You'll Save In Hearing Protection... ;)

    Bad taste, I'm of luck and welcome to LS!!!:)
  4. MLI

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    Go get um Charles....way to go!
  5. big james

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  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    Charles your neighbor has the biggest "handicap" of all …… Ignorance

    Many moons ago I was a Manager for Pizza %ut Delivery in the Washington DC area ....very busy competitive area ..... thru my training store we hired many gifted kids …as part of the Jobs Plus program ….one very special man was a deaf mute ...

    William later became a delivery driver! which ended up getting our management team national recognition for the program …he had a printed card explaining whom he was ….how much it was ….. he showed all of us that Anything is possible ….and so it is …..Good Luck
  7. kroll

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    Very cool Charles.
    anytime somebody has the gonads to make the point that handicaped don't mean disabled makes me proud
    keep up the good work.
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    READ THIS FIRST> this is an old post

    I just found it entertaining that someone was brilliant enough to actually write like they were deaf.

    Its winter, I need something to do.

    Do a search to find other posts from Madlawn if you want to laugh a little.
  9. Lawn Tek

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    Now thats a post worth reading ! Great !
  10. bob

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    He made it sound that "just for spite" he decided to start his own lawn business. It also sounded like he was in "full " operation in a matter of days. Needs 3 helpers that fast?

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