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    Only by God's grace i can do this lawn care business.
    I was a welder for 9 years love my job. I work at a ship yard and i was the shop welder. I had it mad working all the time and overtime I wanted. Then it happen

    I was in a tree cutting down a limb that was hanging over the house. I fell from the tree about 25ft. landed on my feet but with the inpact i broke three bones in my back, bent my spine at a 30 degree. No, I was not in pain because i could not feel nothing from my waist to my feet. I was rush to the hosiptal and went into a 9hrs surgery, replace three bones that was pinching a nerve. I wore a full upper body cast for two years and two staniless steel rods holding my spine.
    But now, that was 15 years ago and i thank God every dad.
    i started this business with one mower, weed eater, blower and a walk hehind edger and five jobs. But now I am the biggest lawn manicure business here.
    Bond's Lawn Keepers "GOD GROWS IT WE MOW IT"
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    Good Story.... I am glad to hear that you made a recovery and that your busn is doing soo great. keep up the great work.

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