My lawn doesn't grow...its your fault!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIMOW525, Aug 22, 2001.

  1. BRIMOW525

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    I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired of Chemlawn guys telling my customers that their grass isn't growing or looking good becasue cut it too short.. cut it too high... go too fast... go too slow (yes too slow)..cut too often.. not often enough.. blades too dull... cutting when its wet.. cutting when its dry...cutting too early it day... cutting too late in the day... It's never Chemlawn or the customers fault. Like.... never water it??? Right kind of fertilizer???? Enough fertilizer???? At right time to fertilize???? I don't make it grow.. I just cut it when it does. Is that so hard to fiqure out?? OH OH and never because there isn't enough sun getting through the trees... NEVER! :cry:
  2. Eric ELM

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    What gets me is when you see a lawn growing an inch a day in heavy growth times on an over fertilized lawn and here they are out wading though knee high grass pushing their spreader. :mad:
  3. crazygator

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    Well just remember, if you had a company that just blew alot of smoke wouldnt you want to blind as many as possible? This would increase your sales right? It is obvious TG/CL is following many of us and trying to decieve not only our customers but everyone they can. Why would they do this? Must be the majority are catching on to their wrong ways, and tired of being cheated in prices vs service. And when they stop coming and spraying their lawn paint what happens? It turns funny colors, just not green and for sure isnt healthy. I dont think this can be good for your business to grow on. If you perform a bad service, it will catch up with you. Maybe its finally catching them! Lets only hope....LOL!
  4. Keith

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    Sounds familiar. I have had a many run-ins with these slackers. They blame weeds in the yard on you too?
  5. Barkleymut

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    Why not sell them on your own fertilizer program? I have a couple who are still with other companies but only because I just picked them up. When aeration time comes around I will sell them on my program versus the 3 apps during 90+ degrees they get with the big boys. One of my new lawns uses Scotts lawncare. I was there one time when the guy was applying and I spoke with him. It was late June and was on a lawn that is never watered and he was applying a 30 something nitrogen product. I about fell over laughing so then I asked him if it was slow release and he said yes 100% "not that crap that Lesco sells". Then he asked if I would be done soon, I guess he couldn't tell that I was done mowing, trimming, and edging and only had to blow off the drive and sidewalk. He said that he had to spray some weedkiller, well he apparently used something that doesn't work worth a crap because that lawn has more weeds than ones that I haven't sprayed in a month. By the way last week there was more fertilizer on the lawn. I wonder how many # of nitrogen they use per 1000 sq. ft per year? I would guess about 50 as I triple mow this lawn in the dead of summer. They sure are lucky we have had adequate rainfall.
  6. kutnkru

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    I agree that if you are not going to offer your clients a one-stop-shop then you cannot complain when you are not taking proactive measures to ensure their investment is recieving the best possible care.

    If you are not State Certified to apply chems, I would find an applicator that does not cut and hire him to do it for you - this way you are working together with the applicator, and you have eliminated the "He Said/She Said" riga-ma-roll associated with Giants such as TG-CL who sell volume not quality care programs.

    Good Luck!
  7. awm

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    do believe chemlawn is outnumbered . mabe we just get togather and give him a little blanket party. if you younguns dont know what that is. you were never in the service and im just old.
    later tm:D
  8. GLM

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    Dont even get me started on this subject! I now tell people once that I am cutting at proper height with sharp blades once a week and doing everything posible to help thier lawn and on their second complaint I tell them "You should probably have the fertilizer guy mow since I an not able to mow to his high standards thank you for your bussiness, I am unable to take care of your property any more." You should see their jaws drop. I am so sick of this I just give those accounts up and walk away. Example from this summer.
    Client talking about first cu on new lawn..
    Client " the lawn is all uneven cut it lower"
    Me " I am cutting it at 3 " and any lower will damage it."
    Client "cut it lower"
    I lower the mower and Proceed to "even it out"
    next week scathing letter from client about conversation with the Organic fert guy. You are killing my lawn cutting it way to low cut it higher !
    I call and remiind her that I was ordered by her to cut it at that height. Oh no problem.
    Couple months later. Lawn is starving for fert. covered with red thread and some ugly looking.Untreated back yard is nice and green.
    Client says "Fert guy says you need to cut at 3 inches"
    Me " go get your tape mesaure and meet me on the drive way."
    Cleint "why"
    Me " so I can show you that thats how high your lwan is alaways cut"
    Cleint " well he says its not and you cannot cut it every week it must be ten days so his product can have time to work."
    Me " why is that back yard that is not treated by fert guy so nice and green and thick?"
    Client. "I don't know but I paid him for the whole year and I have to do what he wants."
    Me " well you better have him mow it because I won't mow it every tem days the back is already too tall at seven, I'm sure that he can acomodate you since he has all of your money already."
    I loade up my mower and left. that was in June and I still havent been paid by her. This week she gets the "Nastie" gram sent it the mail. These fert. companies are so quick to blams the guy cutting the lawn its not even funny getting that customer in the middle. I really questiond this customer and she has no idea what product is bineg aplied and mesured my mower at 3" but still said the fert guy said it was to low. I could go on all day I have to go calm down! This topic was close to home. :blob2: :blob2: :blob2:
  9. yergus

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    please do not talk bad about chem-lawn/ tru-green. i love them.
    hell if it weren't for those guys, i wouldn't have a chem app business at all. with them out in the force, i get a lot of calls from their dissatisfied customers, then when i show them that chem apps do work, i get even more referrals from them. so thank you chem lawn, keep at it, i want More business.
  10. gusbuster

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    I can't even see how a big company with so many un-certified techs telling somebody that the lawn is cut too short, too long ect..

    chem-lawn/ tru-green has bought out some of the bigger commerical maintenance companies in my area. They just keep on losing them to smaller maintenance contractors such as my uncle and myself.

    Keep up the good work chem-lawn/ tru-green:confused:

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