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my lawn flyer


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Omaha, NE
You're right. My 3 year old could make a better flyer. j/k LOL. It's not that bad. I'd definitely get your business name on there somewhere though. I figure if 75% of our flyers go into the garbage, at least people will see the name and hopefully remember it. Flyers are all about name recognition for me. That's why I try to get them out 3 or 4 times to the same areas before the season starts.


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Looks o.k., simple and to the point. How do you plan on distributing the flyers. A typical resposne to flyers is 1% on a good day. We sent out approx. 40,000 full color 2 sided glossy finish flyers last year and landed 6 accounts. Obviously we did not even hit 1% but they still paid for themselves. Also, make sure you send the flyers out about 1 week after the grass has started growing, no sooner.


LawnSite Senior Member
Looks clean and to the point. Defininantly need to include your company name/logo, so they remember who sent this to them. If you don't do that, it is a basic advertisement for any old company.
Other thing, if it was me, I would take out the bi-weekly mention, as I don't really like those customers. It may be more common in your area, but I am trying to stick to weekly mowings.
Good luck with it, and get those ready so you can start passing them out!


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IMO ... I would leave off the "service as low as $__ " as they will all think their yard fits the bill ... if you want to show a price use a range ... low as $25-35$ ... again IMO .