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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bulwa11, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Hi, seems that this year for me is lost. I haven't been happy with my grass since last season :cry:

    After fighting a few things I've got another problem that makes the lawn look bad.

    Here's the problem: the lawn isn't uniform as in color and grass type. It looks as if some wild seeds got in the way and killed my original grass all over the yard in different sized spots. So in some places I have dark green thick blades of grass, while in other places I've got thin, yellowish blades. Another problem is that about 1-2 days after mowing I get loads of grass blooming which is really strange and also bad looking.

    Some information:
    We get loads of water this year. It's a really wet year so far, I only needed to water a few times this season. I mow pretty high, with about 2-3 times exception when I mowed lower than usual, to see if it does any help (it didn't).

    I fertilized about 2 weeks ago using ammonium sulphate (I hope that's correct, the translator had to help me with this;)) for the second time this year. The result last time was satisfying. I also fertilized with a spring grass fertilizer that I bought in a shop in April when the long winter ended.

    I also over seeded in spring using the same mix of seed as always: (again translator help with the grass types...)

    Kentucky bluegrass BROOKLAWN - 10%
    Boxer ryegrass - 30%
    perennial ryegrass ROMEO - 15%
    OLIVIA red fescue - 25%
    Aido red fescue - 20%

    I had loads of problems since the beginning of the season. I had bare spots that didn't want to green up, turned out it was white grubs which I fought off. Some spots didn't get green until very recently, although they're still not as thick as the rest of the grass.

    I took some photos, although they don't do it justice, in reality it looks a bit worse...



    And the grass blooming even though I mow 2 to 3 times a week after fertilizing!

    Anything I can do with this?

    I appreciate any help

    Best regards from Poland,
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    Poland ? That's different. Most of the turfgrass problem's on this board are in the US. If you really want to get into the small detail's of growing grass, you might find some answer's here, but you will have to provide some climatic detail's. I can tell you that the white, blooming seed's you see are poa annua - annual bluegrass, a very common weed. What area are you located in ?

  3. bulwa11

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    from Poland
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    Hi, yep I know there are differences but I also know there are some true pro's here that can really help. Poland is still a bit behind when it comes to lawn culture althought it is getting better and better as more people seem to want a good looking lawn. Still it's hard to get good help around here.

    Anyway, I live in southern poland, pretty near the city of Kraków (looking at the above map that would be around 50', 20'). The climate is a bit similar to the one in Chicago, I lived there a few years and the overall climate seems to be pretty similar to both places, though winters seem to be more harsh here in Poland. That is just my subjective opinion though, there are propably loads of small details that are different.

    I asked google for help: "temperate with cold, cloudy, moderately severe winters with frequent precipitation; mild summers with frequent showers and thundershowers". That's pretty accurate, and this winter was really long and harsh. There was actually snow laying around in April. Pretty weird seeing that a year ago, I started mowing in early March. This year as I said earlier is very wet, and the summer is warm so far.

    Thanks for the reply :)
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  4. bulwa11

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    Anyway, I got a pro lawn keeping guy come over and have a look. Basically I have a huge problem with Poa Annua (thanks Agrostis you were 100% correct ;)) and also some wild Millet got in the way. Furthermore I have some Red Thread here and there and the soil itself is very compacted and needs aerating badly. I got a pretty good offer from the lawn company to get rid of the existing lawn, prepare the soil, weed, fertilize, level out the terrain and seed some different - better for my location - seeds. As great as is sounds it reaches over my budget right now so I'll probably have to live with this mess I have till the next season.

    Just though to let you guys know, if anyone has any other thoughts you are very welcome to write the here :)
  5. agrostis

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    I would want to know exactly what "prepare the soil" mean's. If you have severe compaction you need to address this first. They could put down the best seed for your area and do everything else right but if the soil is compacted you might wind up with nothing but bare dirt. You can spend all kind's of money just for the satisfaction of a nice green surface. You just have to decide if that is truly what you want to do. This might be something to plan out ahead and save up the cash to do right, or you can live with the poa and the millet and call it good. Whatever you do, good luck and if you need any help, just ask.
  6. bulwa11

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    from Poland
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    Basically the guy said that if I decide to go with them they come early September, spray the whole thing with Roundup. 5-7 days later they aerate, scarify, level and put new seed down, and use the dying old grass as 'base' for the new one. He said that the amount of poa and millet make it worthless to work with the existing lawn and I have to agree with him.

    Anyway it doesn't look like I'll be able to work with them, not enough funds at the moment. I plan to aerate as quickly as possible though because the compaction is really bad and then think what to do about poa and millet. I'm not the kind of guy who will settle with all those yellowish spots around (sadly). I might go on and start from scratch but surely not this season and when I think about the work that it takes it crushes down on me ;) Maybe next year will bring on better times and I can call them then? who knows.

    For this season all I want is to get the grass to cover the bald spots, I'll call that good even with the poa. I'm pretty sure aeration will help. Or at least I really hope it will.

    Thanks :)
  7. Smallaxe

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    I'm at the 45th parallel here in Wisco north of Chicago and your winters should be severe enough to kill off all annual grasses...
    I've heard Europe is suffering in the heat, while this side we are already starting the Fall routine...

    Anyways,,, when do you plan on overseeding???

    You may just do several passes with an aerator/plugger topdress with compost and seed... I don't think it would be necessary to Glyphosate the entire lawn...
    That should put you in a position that when the frost kills whatever survives the aeration go ahead and broadcast some more seed in the barespots... I always add seed again before the first permanent snowstorm for the winter...

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