"My lawn guy won't do that will you"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NNJLandman, Jun 7, 2006.

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    So tuesday I'm cutting lawns, and first house I pull up to right across is so n so lawns working by himself just like me, new mason dump, lettered up newer exmark wb. Heres myself, JPS 98 Chevy P/u 5 x 10 trailer old scag lawn mower cuttin away. Next house I go to there he is again across the street all day this is going on he started 10 mins ahead of me but amazingly he was on the same streets I was 10 mins before me cutting a lawn a couple houses up, so as the day goes on maybe 3rd or 4th house he leaves the customer comes over to me,"Hi I was wondering can you stop over and give me a price for weeding, edging and mulch?" My mind is a little confused now, yea sure I'll be over in a few min. I say. So I go over start talking with her sold the job, she says he won't do it he only cuts lawns he wont do anything else. I give the lady my card and start to leave, "how much to cut the lawn" take a look at it and what he has done, give her my price she says alright, next year your hired, I have a contract with him I cant brake. Awesome, now to make a long story short, this happened all day just about everyother house I went to his customer would come out and over to me, I got 3 new customers and 2 more that are gonna call me, how can he run his business like this, this guy is gonna hate my guts when he finds out, but its not like I went asking for it but this is great...Unbelieveable.

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    Great Job! You deserve the work if you do a better job.
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    There are some guys out there that only want to cut lawns and nothing else.

    Then there are some guys who have learned not to even bother trying to fool with extras for certain people.

    Anyways, my ADVICE to you is this... do you want to try to become a 'common thread' among your fellow green industry guys in your area... or an enemy?

    Personally, there are those around me that I will choose to associate with and I work to be the 'common thread' and hopefully the tie that binds us all together.

    What I'm saying is, if you know how to talk to the guy, and feel you would like to associate... then gee-whiz... get in touch with the guy, have a bite to eat or something and discuss it with him.

    Different company types can benefit from learning to become allies instead of enemies. The two of you can network and trade-off as the years go by. Maybe you have a customer or 3 that don't fit your business plan so well that he would love to have, and maybe you run into 100 more in the next few years... and vica-versa for him.

    I try my best to do as much of this as possible. I'd much rather trade favors with the honest/friendly/legit than 'trade licks' if you know what I mean.
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    better make sure your stuff is locked up. He's gonna be ticked. Especially when he realizes you aren't a couple houses back.
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    Congrats though.
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    Should have followed him home. Maybe his wife would be wanting full service too?
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    I am a little curious as to the weeding part of the equation? Does that mean "pulling weeds by hand"? A guy can't just make it on mowing lawns and you are right in doing what you can to increase business. If the current LCO is not stepping up, the customer has needs and will find someone who can fulfill them. That is you. Anyone can mow lawns and he will find that out the hard way. Is there a specific reason this guy doesn't expand his business?

    My only advise to you is to charge accordingly. You should know your costs of business and know what is standard in the area. Don't take work at a low price just to get work. I am not saying you do this but if you get tempted, don't. You will hate yourself for pulling weeds in 90 degree heat if you aren't getting the proper dinero for it. Congrats on expanding your customer base.
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    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Sure they can...Ther are more than enough home owners with green thumbs who can weed and plant stuff, but don't want to invest in a lawn mower, gas, trimmer, blower, trips for service, ect...

    I did my share of supplemental work for other Lawn mowers...wether it be fert and squirt, trimming palm trees, irrigation repairs, or doing shrub work or installs. If the customers wanted me to cut their grass I politely declined mentioning that I had a non-compete clause with their current lawn mower.
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    If I were mowing and happened to see the same guy across the street from me several times I would have went to talk to him. I am always trying to network with other LCOs. Aside from the referrals, it is far better to know your competition and be friends rather than enemies. If the same situation happened to me, where his customers were approaching me, I would get in touch with the guy and honestly talk to him about what was happening before he finds out on his own and thinks you are out to steal his customers. After that happens, nothing you could say would convince him otherwise and a rivalry has begun.

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