My lawn has been burnt! what should i do?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by MoWhite, Jan 22, 2002.

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    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and stumbled over it looking for tips on how to take care of a little problem i have with my lawn. Yesterday my son carelessly tosed a lit cigerrette butt over our deck and it landed in dry grass at the rear of the house. By the time he realized the it had started a small fire he was on his way around the house to put it out then realized the hose was at the front. Then he goes to the front, grabs the hose, runs back to the rear and starts the put the flams out in which by that time had already spread at least 9 - 10 feet in peremiter. Mean while my wife had called the fire department and by the time they came the fire was aready out. I was at work at the time and did not find out till i came home last night at about 10 pm, so you know this was not something i expect to hear. Im no gardener so consider me totally clueless at the situation at had. I really need some expert advice on how to bring my lawn back to life. To all out there, thanks for ya time!


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    I'm not an expert, either, but burning off pastures and wheat fields is pretty common - on purpose! There are certain chemicals, such as potash, left over which can be beneficial to the grass. My grandfather burned his lawn off every spring - I think your roots are unharmed and your lawn will recover just fine, with average amount of water.
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    Yeah, it'll come back. People burn off their lawns quite often around here. Cuts down on the dead material ya know!
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    Don't worry your lawn will be fine!!! We burn our pasture every spring because of the prarie grass it has on it. Think of it as part of the life cycle. In 3 weeks your lawn will show little evidence of a fire. Sharpen your mower blade cause you are going to be busy.
  5. BigJim

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    You set fire to your lawns up there!Oh well I guess its cheaper than mowing:blob2: .......but seriously oversow with some good lawn seed as well,the heat tends to cause weed seeds to germinate and they take over quick if theres no grass to give them some competition.
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    Let us know if it looks better than the rest of your lawn this summer.

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