My lawn looks like it's dying

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by blackthumb, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. blackthumb

    blackthumb LawnSite Member
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    I think you guys might remember me. :) I posted last week or 2 weeks ago (i forget so easily) about my newly sodded lawn and how concerned I was about the shrooms and dying patches.

    well, those dying patches are everywhere now and big patches. I think about 30% of my yard is dead, the shroom are still there and more of them now and it's not looking good.

    I have not watered it at all in a week because it's been raining so much but in the last 2 days we've had zero rain so i went back there to take a look and see if it needed to be watered. I am just shocked and disappointed by what I saw.

    large dry, dead patches of grass everywhere. large patches all over just dead. I stuck my finger in the ground to guage it's moistness and it was moist but on top it looks tried out so I watered both zones back there for 20-30 minutes each.

    the live parts of the lawn is pretty tall and should we mow it now?

    I'm about ready to call in a lawn maintenance person for advice but first I want to see what advice I can get here.

    where do I take soil samples? how do I do it? I will do anythign right now.

    any advice really is welcome PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me save my lawn! I don't want to have to call in a pro to help me because I've come so far DIY'ing it and saving so much doe.

    does it need fertilizer now? should I cut out those dead parts? should I still water it even tho the ground is moist but the grass looks dry? Should I throw in the towel and call a professional?

  2. Neal Wolbert

    Neal Wolbert LawnSite Senior Member
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    How 'bout a picture or two? Nea'
  3. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    Stop watering.......

    Raise your mower up to it's highest setting........

    Just some guesses.....

    WINGNUT LawnSite Member
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    Sounds like brown patch to me. We're getting a lot of that here. Since you are in Florida and have a high humidity, without seeing it, brown patch is what it sounds like.
  5. blackthumb

    blackthumb LawnSite Member
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    I will try my best to get pictures on here tonight. (my internet connection at home keeps dying - we have repair tech coming out next week but i'm at work now)

    I may not be able to get the pics out.

    How do you treat brown patch?

    The weather down here has been extremely hot (90's) and rainy. Is there something I can use like fungicide with something to help brown patch.

    I'm desperate.
  6. blackthumb

    blackthumb LawnSite Member
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    i did a little research right now on brown patch and it says that it's a winter disease and I saw pictures of it. it doesn't look like brown patch to me. What my lawn has is scattered patches in no particular shape ranging from 6"x6" to 2'x2' all over the place.

    no visible white cob web thingies and no visible bugs, nothing visible, just dead, brown dried out patches.

    I found this
    scotts product

    has anybody used something like this?
  7. blackthumb

    blackthumb LawnSite Member
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    green pastures, it's never been mowed yet. We only put it down 3 weeks ago. And we wonder if we should mow it this weekend. should we?

  8. blackthumb

    blackthumb LawnSite Member
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    sorry i keep posting over and over but I saw a picture just now of a lawn where the guy's large female lab's urine created patches. that's what it looks like except that the holes are wider and all over... more prominent in the area closest to all our tall trees where there is more shade.
    link to thread with pic

    we have 2 small dogs (1 femail jrt, 1 male terrier mix) could they be causing damage too? and with their poop? we have not been scooping their poop.

    this is last post, i promise :)
  9. ProMo

    ProMo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If the grass rooted (should be)mow it at your highest setting. If it looks diseased bag the clippings until it is diagnosed so it isnt spread further. Your best bet is to dig up a piece of the sod that has some life in it and take it to your conty extension office, also get a bucket and get a hand shovel of dirt from different areas and mix it up and put some in a plastic bag so they can check ph

    call the Extension Service at 233-1750 in the north and central county area or 276-1260 in the south county area.
  10. blackthumb

    blackthumb LawnSite Member
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    Promo, what's the area code of those numbers?

    I will do exactly as you said on monday first thing. I'll ask my husband to mow it tomorrow and bag the clippings.

    Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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