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My Lawn Service Flyer


LawnSite Bronze Member
Try to avoid using colored ink.. Use colored paper instead..

Cost of B/W copy: $.04 each
Cost of Color copy: $.19 each

Big difference if your on a limited budget

Also, you should really consider having a flyer designed for you.
I recommend www.gophergraphics.com
They did a great job for me! :cool:

Expert Lawns

LawnSite Silver Member
I've seen that slogan on many flyers around here. Many LCO's use it, I don't think he took it directly from Twins. If so, then shame on him. I will agree that the flyer looks a bit cheesy. For my flyers I use examples of MY WORK (not stealing any pics from lawn site like we've seen a lot of in the past few weeks). I have to let my potential customers know that I am serious about doing work for them. Let them know that you are experienced, insured (hopefully), and dependable.

I have seen flyers around here like "Sit Back and Look Lawn Care....Let us work for you so you can spend time with family etc etc". I guess I expect my customers to know that if I am dependable and I show up each week that it is expected that they will have that extra time with family. This is why most people hire LCO's. You seem to have a great imagination from that flyer. I guess I think you could do more with it. Hope that helps.


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A paid $60 to have this designed. it is going to cost me $549 to have 5000 made full color on both sides.

1st side


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Soupy..I hope those have not gone to print yet....couple of mis-spelled words....reliable and not rellable and fertilizer not fertiliser. Personally, I would have them drop the periods on your 4 statements that are in the yellow area. Those are not complete sentences and should not have a period, but just my .02
Are those doorhangers and is PCW doing them for you? Bob is a great guy!


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey Morin 3,
I have no problem with you using the slogan you have, I just think as mentioned you should try to come up with something that helps your company stand out, and be remembered with something more original. As mentioned, this catch phrase is used quite a bit.
We are actually changing our slogan from the one listed for that exact reason. I think listing any price on your flyer is a bad idea, unless you actually write it in as you deliver them. This is what I am going to be doing this year. This lets me give estimates while at the site, and makes the flyers (door hangers in my case) look more personal when they read it. Just a suggestion.

Soupy, nice layout, I am glad you decided on that "Lawn Guy" for your logo, he's catchy. Do check the spelling though, hopefully no in print yet.

Another note, the best advice I have received here on Lawnsite was the advice I did not like to hear. People are giving honest replies, and though they may be hard to swallow at times, you soon will realize it is much better to get them here, than to hear them from your clients, or more so, never hear from your clients!

Good luck on your design!


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Yes, fertilizer has been corrected. Reliable is spelled right?

Those were the first draft, I allready had them resized is why I posted them.

Yes, PCW for print, I had the hangers designed at Design Outpost.


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Beaverton, OR

You're flyer is nice. It's typical of a smaller company or new company on a limited budged. I used a homemade flyer similar to that one for years and built much our business with it. I think it you pass out that flyer you'll have plenty of response. It's a nice flyers.


Yours is just amazing. I still just love the logo, the grass blade dude, and everything. That's a top notch flyer. You're set to go to the big time!

Team Gopher

LawnSite Platinum Member
Hi Morin3,

If you like having the price in your flyer then go with it. The one thing I would suggest is that you could leave the price out and have a section for you to write a price in for each lawn as you distribute them.