My lawncare program...


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Here is what I've been doing for the last few years. Works pretty good,but...

#1 Team Pro w/22% nitro. I hit it hard 5 lbs/1000 sun 20-10-10 shade 5/1000

#2 Weed control only or with Chelated Iron (NO fert)

#3 35-3-7 40% sulfur coated fert Spot weeds. Grub control where needed.

#4 Weed control again on weedy green lawns. On weak ones High Nitro fert

#5 19-19-19 high rate 5-7lbs/1000

I am thinking changing #2 to include 1/2 lb/1000 rate of Liquid urea and applying Talstar only on round 3. Then adding 1/2 rate of liquid nitro on #4
and hitting #5 with 19-19-19 at a 6-7 lb/1000 rate.

I think using fertilizer in the summer is a bad idea now. Even with 40% slow release I think it is causing problems. Does anyone else out there do anything like this, and if so, how did you turn out?


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Flint, Michigan
Why all the Phos? It is doing you basically no good. Also, all tha N in the heat of the summer isn't good, either. Your just not giving it a good HEALTHY diet...It's like junkfood.