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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by LCME, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. LCME

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    I have a leaf clean-up plan. Please feel free to give comments, questions or dirty remarks. :D heheehe.

    I plan to sell to my current weekly mowing customers the following:

    October weekly clean-up special!

    For double your weekly mowing cost we will clear all lawn areas of leaves.

    Need some help with the wording. Just does not flow.

    Also, if a customer wants to wait till all leaves have fallen. But, still wants you to use your bp blower to move leaves to the back yard in the woods. Do you charge extra and how much?.
  2. seven-up

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    Use BP after all the leaves have fallen to move them to the woods?? NO, no no.... Just run a ZTR with side discharge back and forth and blow them into the woods that way... Quicker and easier...
  3. Mark McC

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    I'm looking for a rate rather than relying on what I mow for to provide a baseline. Frankly, I'm looking to make a lot of jack this fall because those one- or two-time deals incur less price resistance than a recurring bill. We all know the psychology in that.

    You sure you wanna go this route? What about doing leaves for those whose lawns you don't mow?
  4. NCL

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    We bill per man hour on top of what it normally takes to cut the lawn, but we do not blow out the beds until the last clean -up. Ex. Lawn cut takes 30 min.and you charge $40. Clean up takes 45 min. you now charge $40 plus the extra 15 min. at you per man hour rate. I use $35 per man 3 guys. So the customer would now pay $40 + 26 to 30(extra) = $66 to $70. Non mowing customers get charged the $35 per man hour rate. Hope this helps
  5. NelsonLandworks

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    for the people we did cleanups for last year-we did thier mowing this year. We are baggin the leaves as we mow each week. once the leaves have all fallen we'll do a final cleanup before we put the mowers away for the season-this will be at the same price as last year's cleanup.

    we figure it'll work out good because once all the leaves have fallen, our return customers lawns will be pretty much taken care of and we'll be able to take on those 1 time deals and hope they sign on for mowing next year. we'll see how it turns out
  6. mbricker

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    My normal fall procedure: as leaves begin to fall, they are mulched or picked up with the grass clippings as we mow. Usually there is no (or very little) extra time so I don't charge extra. When LOTS of leaves start to fall, I charge extra according to how much time it takes.

    My customers know they aren't paying any more than a regular mow for the first part of the leaves, so I don't get any of this "Just wait until they are ALL down" garbage. Except for one cheapskate.

    Very little is done to remove leaves from landscaping early in the season, which helps keep the time from exceeding the normal mow time.

    On many lawns I go into corners or narrow spots with the blower first and move the leaves out to larger areas. A lot of trimmer time isn't needed in the fall, so that compensates for blower time. I am using a Grasshopper 720 (front mount) 52" with hopper type bagger, and it is amazing how huge piles of leaves go into that thing before I have to dump. My trailer is larger than some, and I spread tarps in the front to dump on, drag the tarps out at my dump sites.

    I don't consider the first part of leaf season to be much hassle.
  7. LCME

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    I'm experimenting. This is my first time fall clean-up with customers. Trying to work out the details. And, for those I do not mow I will wait till all leaves have fallen then charge per man hour. Thanks, LCME

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