My leaf loader caught FIRE yesterday!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ExecutiveLawns, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. ExecutiveLawns

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    So there I was had 1 big pile of leaves left in a townhouse complex that originally had like 13 or 14 probably had just enough room in the trailer that for this last pile an I heard the engine on my Trac-Vac leaf loader start to sputter an as I turned around I saw smoke and fire coming from the fuel tank side of my leaf loader. so I ran to 1st shut the motor off and then try to put it out with a fire extinguisher that I carry in the truck but it kept flaming back up and my extinguisher was out so I had to call 911 to get fire truck out there to help cause all I could picture in my mind was my whole trailer going up in flames cause it was full of dry leaves. well the fire trucks came and put a little water on it and sprayed the leaves a little bit so a spark wouldnt fly off as i was going down the road and start the leaves on fire. So a 1 hour job turned into a 2 hour job and when I got back to my shop I had to tare the loader apart to find out what all burned and what I needed to replace. well 1 day and about $800.00 later I have it back up and running and sucking up leaves like a champ.

    Make sure you keep all leaves and debris away from hot motor!

    I am glade it happened to me instead of one of my guys

    I will post some pics tomorrow
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    Did you have to pay for the fire call?
  3. ExecutiveLawns

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    I dont think so, the firefighters didnt say anything, they did take down my name and address and other info so i guess i will see here in teh next couple days if a bill shows up in the mail.
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    I pretty sure you dont pay for the fire department to come
  5. Breezmeister

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    And there is another lesson that I hope no one on here learns the hard way and that is NEVER fill a hot engine. :blob2:
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    NEVER fill a "HOT" engine with what? What does the fill mean?
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    no you don't have to pay for the fire dept. (i'm a firefighter full time)
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