My Life Support Rescue Plan - Starting Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by cardkid2331, Sep 6, 2013.

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    I would go with turf type tall fescue or even just KY31.
    Ky31 hardly ever gets disease and is more drought tolerant than TTTF. Down here Rye grass is the first to go dormant during the start of a drought and has the most disease Issues. With KBG you have disease issues also and thatch buildup to deal with down the road...
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    While not wanting to derail an interesting conversation regarding the lawn restoration, I want to return to the original post.

    To the OP, your statement says you are an entrepreneur. Yet, what your business includes is not entrepreneurial by nature. You are wanting to start a lawn service business that includes mowing, applications,and perhaps some other related services. The plan for this kind of business is not entrepreneurial, rather small business ownership. There is absolute nothing wrong with your idea. But, it is simply replicating something that is well-known, established, and has been shown to work many, many times over. Again, absolutely nothing wrong with this approach.

    However, if you want to be entrepreneurial, you don't want to replicate that which is already established. You want to venture into areas untouched, those requiring a new vision, developing something that fills a needed niche, or otherwise brings something new to the marketplace. Mowing, applying fert and weed killer, reseeding, etc, is not breaking any new ground (sorry, bad pun). Again,nothing wrong with these tasks, but they are not entrepreneurial.

    No, it is not nit-picking, or just semantics. There is a huge difference in the way you approach a business plan. I commend your entrepreneurial interest, and would not like to see you venture off to a business that is merely a replication. It can be a waste of good talent and vision. We need many more entrepreneurs. We have lot of those who are able and willing to replicate. Again, don't take me wrong -- nothing inherently wrong with replication, but it is not consistent with entrepreneurism.
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    Yup - I've got all of the "new ideas." Still need to have a good knowledge about how to treat lawns. You can't improve upon something unless you learn how it is already done already. I just don't share my entrepreneur portion because that would give away my secrets :)

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