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My little truck.

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2006 Gmc Canyon 3.5L I5. Just got my magnets last week.

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Thanks, it pulls my stuff just fine, looking at getting new rims and tires that are bigger real soon and getting the windows tinted on friday.
O its a hell of a little work truck. I used it all last year to pull my 6'x10' aluma trailer with my jd 727A and sometimes my metro 36. All I had to do was take the ball off the reciver and flip it so it was up higher. Pulls fine and stops well too. Total weight with the trailer and jd was about 1500 to 2000 lbs.
i have always liked the canyons.
Thanks, me too. This is my first truck. I was looking at s10 wit a v6 but the canyon caught my eye over the colorado. Still has under 30k miles on it so I am looking at keeping this truck for a long time.
Thanks I cant wait to get it tinted up this friday.
Yea I have 205/75 15 on it, I am thinking about putting either 225/75 15 or 16 or 235/75 15 or 16 but I am not sure yet. And yes i put them fog lights in, they are 85w pure yellow and bright as anything and great for driving in fog and at night. Thinking about getting some BFG Long Trail T/A's.
My dad wants me to get michelin's. I just need to find a rim I like first.
Yes I got them from they are the large size and they were 2 for $30 or 1 for $15.
Nope not lowered at all.
Yup I am getting bigger tires soon. This truck do fine for what I am doign right now.
Hahahaha, yea I love my little truck and will always keep it till it dies.
Maybe a wheel and tire option. 265/75 16

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Just got the truck back form getting the windows tinted. 35% on the doors, 20% on the rear window and 15% 6'' brow on the windshield
1 - 14 of 28 Posts
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