My low-ball story!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ok4me2xlr8, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. ok4me2xlr8

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    So I get a call to come bid a trailer park it is 8 acres with 14 units it is only a mow and go type thing. I get there and am talking with the land owner and she wants a price right then so I pop off $450.00 per cut (which is only a little over $30 per unit). Well that did not go well she quickly came back with "wow thats high, I have had offers for around $200". So I told her that I could do it for $250 the only reason I did this was I have already lost a few properties this year. So after I tell her that she said she has one more person coming and I tell here to let me know blah blah. Well she calls today and said that the other guy was cheaper that she was going to go with him. I usually don't ask this but I really wanted to know I asked her how much he quoted and she told me $150!!!! WTF!!! How in the heck can you mow 8 acres and trim around 14 trailers for $150.00???? It cost me $60.00 just to fill up my two mowers. I just needed to vent!!! Please tell me that I am not the only one experiencing this problem!
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    I'm in Shelby also, and yes I have lost several bids to lowballers this season..Thats funny about the trailer park, I am supposed to go bid on one this week, along with a few rental houses, I am expecting a similar scenerio loosing to a lowballer.
  3. Jims Lawncare

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    which trailer park, my wife said she will ride by weekly and throw out a bunch of debris so the lowballer will have to pick it all up.
  4. Big Bad Bob

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    I like that. One lco sticking up for another. :)
  5. ajslands

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    Well he got the account so he probably has a strategy.
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  6. stuffdeer

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    But if he is a legit lawn service, he won't be making any money. So what's the strategy now?
  7. jsslawncare

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    I cut a trailer park and the renters pay me $20.00 each. It takes me 14 minutes to cut and blow the little driveway off. I sprayed round-up around the trailers so, no trimming. The owner of the park has a "south of the border" worker that charges $18.00. If you do the math I get a $1.42 a minute. I try real hard to get a $1 a minute on regular homeowner cuts. I don't charge them for the roundup. I do it to save me time.
  8. Ole' Hickory

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    No money to be made there. @$150 these guys will boot by august with there crappy mowers and busted up pickup truck.
    Thats a fricken joke with 14 units. It only takes ONE of those Jerkies to come out of that trailer saying "OH Please, could you cut that section on the hill too? and edge this flower bed with one of those whippersnappers, and could you ever-so-please take those branches away for me??" At that point he's going to look up at the sun and say "This ain't worth it"
    Wait until next year and if she is taking bids again, bid your 250 again.
  9. stuffdeer

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    The problem is, some idiot next year will go bid $150 and say the exact same thing next August. It's a revolving goes out, two come in.
  10. DixieFerris

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    My favorite part of the post was "I told her $450, then I dropped it to $250"...way to hold your ground!

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