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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Superiorlandscaping, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. mike48114

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    My idea for you for what its worth:

    Noone becides your mom will sit down and read that much text Superior Landscape Guy. Shortin it up throw in some big text to catch the eye, and did I say make it shorter!!! Its a mission statement not a legal term paper. God luck
  2. KenH

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    Hey Mike--- To me, it is those higher ups who are looking for someone 'different' than all the rest. How much did you spend on the fliers?? Im sure those neighborhoods receive alot of fliers (I see fliers on the boxes of some of my houses all the time) Honestly, if it were me, I would use the fliers you have already made up, and possibly make up some new one for the more affluent 'hoods. If you would like some idead with wording and such just shoot me an email, or my aol IM is imow2. TTYL

  3. BigMike

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    KenH---The flyer didn't cost me any money, because I created that took me several weeks of editing, and getting opinions from others (mostly neighbors and other home owners). The whole purpose of a flyer is to get a response from your target market. If you do not have a specific target market in mind, you'll end up with just another "me too" type of flyer. Remember, you want people to Give them some incentive. How about a 25% discount on your first mow job?

    Also, did you notice that I used the word "Free" in big, bold letters? Free tips on the business for which you provide services. Lends credibility to the services that you provide.

    Another thing I was tempted to try, was to include a blank space for filling in an estimate on how much it would cost to mow this yard. This has positives and negatives; however, I thing the positives far outway the negatives. I just did not have enough room to include this, so it got cut.

    I am personally happy that some of you here found this flyer design to be usefull. More comments appreciated...just happy to contribute to a great site.


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