Grasshopper 721D2 52&quot;deck & Bagger for $11,174.00 I need the mower for aeration and dethaching.I haven't seen any thing else that looks as good.Grasshopper has this new aerator it's really cool but i have to buy a new mower it will only work with the new mower see for your<br>(what to do) <p><font size="1">Edited by: David Hartzog


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David, have a cup of coffee and completly redo this post. Sorry to hear about the alzhiemers. Hey they say they may have a vaccine for that in the paper today<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Charles


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I can make sense of anything, except women.<p>If you get the city contract, yes. Otherwise use guerilla tactics and start with a WB.<p>Unless you have a new truck, your equipment is most likely worth more than it.


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No, you don't buy an $11,000 52&quot; mower.<p>A $6-7,000 60&quot;+ Mid-mount Z and a $1500 tow-behind aerator should do fine.
Grasshopper makes a areator and a out front dethacher but you can't use the older mower it has to be the new style.So i just don't know. I want to provide this service but i don't see anything else that compares.


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If you ask me I don't think you want to pay 11K for a Grasshopper. Just my opinion. I like Lazers and Scags myself. If I had to buy a ZTR, Exmark's my mower. (sorry Eric, 200 miles is a long way to a Dixie dealer, dad would go biserk)


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Think twice before you invest that kinda money in a Grasshopper. I own a Grasshopper, they ain't worth what they are charging. <p>You could just about buy 2 baby Lazers with 52&quot; decks for that.


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DAVID: If you have a large enough customer base, or just landed a big commercial account<br>to pay for the hopper in ample time I'd say go for it. The additional attachments available should increase add on services tremendously adding to your bottom line. P.S. It takes money to make money!

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