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My Mower

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
I really like the looks of the catchers on the Ferris units. I guess I didn't realize that the belt ran around the outside of the housing like that though... You ever hook it on stuff? I demoed a JD that was like that and there was no good way to see where that thing was at over the blower housing. At least it's compact.

The Ferris looks like a very well engineered machine. Just no dealers anywhere around here...

Do you catch grass a lot, or is the catcher just on there from leaf season? Just wondering how it really preforms in grass and how the belt holds up? Do you find the machine to be too heavy at all? I see you have a JRCO bar on the front... is that for a dethatcher?

Good looking mower!


LawnSite Member
its a nice machine alittle to big. the only problem i have with the vacuum is that the pulley's are plastic and broke after 30 hours. if i was going to by another one i would buy a self a powered unit

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
Plastic pulleys... Man I hear ya. I don't know what anyone was thinking when they designed a piece of plastic to do what METAL was supposed to do! Oh well, that's why they sell good pulleys of all sizes, to replace those. My Dixon comes with plastic pulleys on the blower and they can last for a while but the belts have to be aligned perfectly. Plus once they wear they get a groove in them and a new belt dosn't fit in that groove...

I'd still much rather have a pulley driven catcher than a pony motor driven one! The best option would be a PTO driven blower, but that option I have only seen on a select few high dollar machines.

The SIZE problem is why I still run Dixon. There is NO other machine with a 50" cut out there that is as compact, light, and agile, as the Dixon. All other 48" to 52" machines look and feel like a tank compared to it...


LawnSite Fanatic
I noticed you are selling alot of stuff. You just making room for all the new toys coming this spring?