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Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by mikefeliciano, Nov 5, 2004.

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    I dont know if clip can meet my needs but I currently use QClip and its ok I think if I took it to its full potential it would be better. My needs are lsited below if you could let me know what clip could do from the list below,

    Thax for your help

    Track job expenses
    Track P/L by jobs
    Track by divisons: ie Turf care, Install, Maintenance
    PDA usage ( for crews)
    Inventory tracking

    Basically the whole set-up

    I currently use Quickbooks and q clip but I want to take it all to the next level and compuuterize everything. Let me know if you have demos etc I can look at

    Thank YOU!!
  2. DaveTucker

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    Yes, it can but a lot of it depends on what your definitions are for each of these.

    When you use qCLIP Projects it gives you tremendous powers with your job costing.
    Your best bet would be to call us (1-800-635-8485 # 1) and discuss each of these. We will recommend that you stay with QuickBooks but a lot of what you need for AP and inventory tracking is in QuickBooks and we simply manipulate it from qCLIP.

    As far as PDA's we have them as well as automatic GPS tracking in your trucks, Cell Phone record work, and other technology options.

    Give us a call on Monday.

    Next week we will be busy as our annual user's conference comes up on Wed-Saturday. We have over 250 people signed up to come and learn, share and grow. You ought to think about coming, it would help you get the answers as well as put you in touch with people that are already doing what you want to do. Talk about going to the next level! I personally guarantee that you will not do business in the same way once you have attended our conference. There really is nothing like it, everyone is very willing to share and help, like a big family, really.

    HTH - Dave Tucker

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