" my neighbor is now going to cut lawn"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I don't see how raising a price is burning a bridge with potential clients or even the original client. They called for service, I provided a service at a fair price. They use somebody else and call me back to do their yard again. When does it stop? Potential clients also receive a fair price. If a neighbor tells another neighbor you charged them $5 more to come back, that certainly isn't gonna deter them from hiring me if my work is good and my prices are fair. In fact, it speaks volumes about my work and neighbors see my work and if they like it and the price is fair, theyre going to hire me. I have a route and a schedule. I don't have time to play the on again off again game.
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    You're spot-on.

    One can definitely tell a difference in morals and ethics, here. I have to thank my grandparents, for instilling that upon me.

    You're so wrong! They don't know what is truly "fair", they just know you're punishing them, for trying someone else. Nobody wants to be screwed, for exercising their right to choice.

    What you're implying is that a car dealer should openly gouge you because you chose to buy a Ford last time and now you're back to Chevy. How would that make you feel? Not very positive toward the dealership, huh?
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    Work ethic is great and I'm sure your customers love you, but keep in mind that during that extra 15 minutes you spend on a lawn our crew has already arrived at the next lawn and, in fact, is almost done. repeat this comparison all day long -- all week long -- and I think you'd find that the mow-and-go groups will generate much more income, even if we do charge less. Of course I do not advocate a crappy job but my experience is that most customers are not interested in paying a premium price for A++ service...not in this economy -- most people would rather pay a more reasonable rate for a nice job. Getting people to pay $65 in an area where $40 is the going rate is, over the long run, just asking for trouble.

    On the other hand I'm well aware that there are different ways of doing business and each of us has to do things in ways that we are comfortable with. Just pointing out there are two ways to look at this.
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    I couldnt agree more. :clapping:
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    I have a weekly route and they cancel me for somebody else and call me back its $5 more. Its happened and have had no complaints. If you consider it punishment its your opinion. Perhaps you have time to play games and squabble with people for a few dollars. We have too much work for that.

    As to the dealership comparison, its pretty ridiculous. A dealership will do anything they can to get your business no matter what you drive.
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    The moral high road speech is comical.
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    It was an analogy. Look it up.

    Yeah, it was pretty funny. Dummy me! I briefly forgot the industry I'm in and the typical people involved in it.
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    Don't need to look it up. Its not pertinent to the situation.

    If you have time to be jerked around and play games you're dealing with the right type of customer because the squabblers will always be squabblers and have zero loyalty. In most cases its why they're continually changing LCO's. They may be the customer you're interested in but not the customer we want.
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    Some of these accounts who want six months off, or want to take over and skip edging are surprised that i'm still in business the next spring. I'll get a message in early spring "are you still doing yardwork?". Maybe they're surprised at my list of of customers who understand this is how i pay bills, and maybe they are surprised that everyone is not like them. I don't get them all back; just the ones who see it my way, agree to my schedule, and don't interfere again.
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    So the other guy doesn't want to mow for her anymore as he doesn't want to perform her requests. I'm betting her requests are being asked for free of charge.

    You perform all these services and she says: "I'm thinking of having you take care my property". Thinking about it? I know those customers very well and wouldn't even consider that one. There are plenty of good customers out there to replace the squabblers.
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