" my neighbor is now going to cut lawn"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I think it's a prime example, if we're fussing over it, maybe the price was too low.

    That's fine but customers see the price hike and they know what it means, too...
    The devil may care but it hurts my business, the day the wrong customer starts shooting off at the mouth about this practice...
    Folks, if a business owner can take it personal, rest assured there's a customer who can do it, too.

    That is why I found a better way of doing things over the years...
    Charge appropriately to begin with, give a solid estimate in the first place.

    Now they can call, cancel, start back up, stop, no start, hey wait, ok and last minute hey can you come by this afternoon?!
    And I just say "yes sir, yes ma'am" or whatever the case may be...
    Charge the right price upfront and it's all just another day at work.

    Because, and it took me years to nail it down, but when you CAN show up this afternoon?
    You can also be the one guy who charges a little bit more.

    Simple, don't forget to smile.
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    I agree with you!
  3. echo

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    Makes no sense. If the price were too low the customer would have no reason to find another LCO or be able to find an LCO with a lower price.

    When you raise the price of a squabbler after they drop you they know not to do it again or simply don't call me back, or if they do, the price goes up again.

    Its nothing personal. We run a business. We don't have time to play on again off again games. We may have already replaced the customer or they may be a bit off the route. If they want back on they pay more or they continually find somebody else. Pretty simple.

    Some people have time to coddle them but we don't. We have a route and a schedule. We treat our customers great, offer a fair price and do a great job. They can stay with us or find somebody else like you and some others here that need their work and have time for the squabbling.
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  4. herler

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    No, the guys who pay a premium don't care, it's the Lowball customers who are the first to dump and run for a better offer, if that weren't the case they wouldn't have tried to get a good price in the first place... So charge the right price to begin with, and when they change their minds, it just doesn't matter.

    When I set the price where it should be from the start I avoid the process you're speaking of.
    Don't even have to start with the headache, now they won't start service if money is such an issue.

    Yup, it's all good, around my necks customers replace you.

    No coddling.
    You want your grass cut, today by 2pm?
    No problem, same price as always.
    The other guy can do it for $30.
    Ma'am I don't have no qualms about that, I have seen your yard and would really appreciate the opportunity, 40 dollars and I'll make it right.
    Sir that $40 is an awful lot of money.
    $30 and it waits until the cows come home, or $40 and one hour, you can time me but I may be able
    to work a small discount if that will help, and I'll still have it done in an hour from the time you say go.

    Some go for it, some don't, but either way it's a done deal.
    You know what?

    Most don't even want their discount after they see their yard, done and beautifully striped, edged, the whole nine yards.
    It looks so good they suddenly don't care that my rates are higher.
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    Yeah, you obviously don't get the gist of the argument. The person agreed to a fair price. They later on into the season drop you for a cheaper LCO. Doesn't work out with that LCO so they call you back. Some say take them back at the rate they were originally charged. Some say charge them more to take them back. If you need the work bad enough to go back and deal with squabblers, great.

    According to your past posts, you're on the cheaper side of the spectrum so I'm thinking you have much experience with these kinds of customers. And that's fine. I, however choose not to deal with those customers and find better ones.

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  6. Richard Martin

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    Herler, Echo is never going to understand what we're trying to tell him. Our pricing is based on charging the customer as much as they would be willing to pay. His pricing is obviously low since there would be room to increase the price by $5 and still retain the customer.
  7. echo

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    And what you will never understand is that we don't deal with taking squabblers back who want to come back after they find somebody to do the work done for less unless they pay us more. We obviously charge enough/more than others if there are guys who are willing to do a job for less.

    Guys like yourself is where these customers/squabblers end up when we don't take them back unless they pay more.
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    that makes no sense. if people drop him for a lower price he more than likely was charging enough to begin with. his whole premise of charging them more if they decide to come back is bc they have already proven to be a pita and the new price sets a tone of this is why your getting charged more or they just don't come back. i agree with everything he says, too many good customers out there that nobody has to deal with penny pitchers, unless they are desperate.
  9. the people who think that the customer sets the price are obviously dealing with crappy customers and cheapskates. the last 3 places i picked up(and im not talking about $25/cut homes), i set the price. the people wanted me, and they are paying my prices. i don't mean that in an arrogant way, just showing that the tone of the customer pretty much tells me what kind of customer they are.
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  10. echo

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    In an earlier post he admits the customer sets the price. The guys that feel the need to just take the customer back without charging more, are where many of the pita/squabblers end up because they know they can set the price and the LCO will cater to them or feel they may lose their business. Some guys just need that work and retain that type of customer.
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