My new 2004 chevy 4500 duramax

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Mlc gmc03, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. 2_Djinn

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    Oh man, ya should look into the Blizzard plows. If ya go to there website and reqest some info they send a awsome movie that plays on your computer. Once ya see a 8611 in a action I think ya will be sold on them.

    In a few weeks we will be getting a new 2500hd and it will get a Blizzard 810.
  2. Lux Lawn

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    Nice looking truck,good luck with it.
  3. wroughtn_harv

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    She looks a lot like my Lucy!

    lucy 11.jpg
  4. wroughtn_harv

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    Lucy's a C5500 though. But she has the Duramax and Allison!

    Of course when I got her she was naught but a long legged gal without much of a backside.

    lucy 2.jpg
  5. GLS

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    Awesome looking rig Mlc! I would definately consider the Blizzard 8611 if I were you. After owning the 810, I wouldn't think twice about putting an 8611 on a rig like yours. I'm sure the 10' V would be great too, but imagine what an 11' plow could do (wings and an 8.5' transport position :cool2: ).

    wroughtn -- did you shorten the frame rails or is the body longer than it looks? Also a very nice rig!
  6. wroughtn_harv

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    Thank you Ryan. Yes I cut off some tail. Brought her down to my size, a little more of a squatty body.

    As much as I love Lucy I can't imagine using her as a plow. I've never had a vehicle that is so easy to get stuck. I can say "mud" and she's dead in the water. Ya'll got snow. We have gumbo clay.

    I do recommend the new C series trucks, 4500-5500. My original Michelins are still on the back at sixty two thousand plus. They lasted until fifty nine five hundred on the fronts. And when I pulled them they were worn even. Plus the pads on the brakes still had three eighths of an inch of pad left both sides.

    Lucy weighs fourteen thousand pounds before two hundred pounds of seasoned love crawls in behind the wheel. I still get ten or so miles per gallon dragging the trailer with tractor and implements. I've gotten as good as thirteen and a half on a tank running at sixty five on a trip. When the mileage gets too good I know it's time to change out the fuel filter. That's a nightmare on this truck.

    She was made for a rollback wrecker chassis. So she came with heated power mirrors, air ride seat, windows, locks, etc. Those have been my heartache with this truck. Electronic glitches have been a problem from day one. The motor and transmission are sweet. The only hiccups have been with the fuel filters, and only two of them.

    If you're towing twenty thousand pounds, say like a Cat 420D on a dual tandem with a one ton you feel like there's an eight hundred pound female gorilla in the back seat and it's that time of the month for her. With one of these trucks she's not lost any weight. But it seems it's a week or so later and she's back there in the bed sleeping. The difference is comparable between a minitruck like a Tacoma grabbing a twenty one foot boat on a trailer and doing it with a one ton. The smaller truck will do it. But not near as comfortably as the big one.

    lucy stuck 1.jpg
  7. Mlc gmc03

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    what would i be looking at for an installed 8611 price
  8. Jacob's Yardworks LLC

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    Sweet truck

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