my new 8 yr. old 36" snapper wb

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeymike, Jun 10, 2003.

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    Just got into the lawn business and my brother gave me his old snapper 36" wb that is 8 years old. I used it yesterday for the first time on my yard and it cuts pretty well. It squeaks some (he did not properly grease it) but does fine. It missed maybe one string of grass on a pass but that was about it. Could it be the blades need sharpening? Maybe I will just buy a new set. Starting to get used to it now. Have not used it with the velke (wheel) yet. Any tips for operating it with or without the velke? I greased it to see if that would take out the squeaks and it helped a lot but still has just a few. Considering it was free (he got a john deere) it is great. Business is going good also. Been in it for 2 weeks and already 10 customers. Starts right up on the first try after sitting up for almost 2 years. Any tips on what i shouold do to prolong the life of it? How often do you grease them? If I cut 5 to 7 yards a week how many times should I sharpen the blades. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    1. sharpen the blades on a bench grinder, pick up a spare set for if/when you hit something large, keep them with you and the correct size breaker bar to loosen them in the field.

    2. Don't use the velke yet until you get some time on the machine, you need to know its handling ability, then attach it.

    3. Grease everything like you said you did every 10 hours. Check your belts, if they're worn you'll get slippage and it will effect your cut.

    4. change the oil and filter ASAP. buy some dri-gas and pour it in the fuel next time you fill up, chances are there could be moisture buildup in the tank.

    5. Sharpen your blades after 10-12 hours of regular use. if you're doing a lot of tall grass it will dull them down quicker.

    Good luck with it, use good footwear and hearing protectors!!! I see so many people running without hearing protectors.
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    Thanks for the info. I think I need new tires (well 1 tire on left rear) and maybe new fronts.

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